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22nd November Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

KRMU Successfully Organizes MUN 2021 in Collaboration with UNODC and AIPPM

On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2021, K.R. Mangalam University (KRMU) hosted a MUN conference. This thought-provoking event lasted two days and was held at the university's moot court. This enticing event was attended not only by various students and experienced workforce in the education and related industries but also by the young future leaders.

MUN 2021

The event marked its beginning with the arrival of delegates from various schools and colleges, in the presence of the honorable executive board, which included Mr.Rahul Menon, Mr.Manas Nair, Mr.Naman Jain, and Mr.Radhakrishan. The momentous event proceeded with the respective Chairpersons attending to their audiences and guiding them through the next steps.

MUN 2021

The conference had committees, including United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM). Mr. Rahul Menon and Mr. Manas Nair presided over the UNODC chair, while Mr. Naman Jain and Mr. Radhakrishan presided over the AIPPM chair. The UNODC delegates decided to move on "Human Trafficking," whereas the AIPPM delegates were given the motion "Farm Laws." The event was presided over by Ms.Shrutikka Laxmi and Ms.Shiwani Wadhwa.

MUN 2021

The delegates had a fine experience at the conference. it was really pleasing to the eyes seeing every delegate enjoying, encouraged, and motivated by their enthralling presentation and razor-sharp arguments. Before the following delegates and chairs, the competition revealed many different facets of Human Trafficking and Farm Laws. The winners were acknowledged by Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Pushplata Tripathi.
Ms.Shrutikka Laxmi, Ms.Shiwani Wadhwa, and Mr.Rahul Menon distributed prizes and crests, as well as certificates among the participants.
MUN 2021

At the conclusion of the event, Professor Dr. Pushplata Tripathi, VC, KRMU delivered her presidential speech, thanking everyone for their involvement in the MUN Conference. She lauded all of the delegates for their logical arguments. 
She also shared her wise and encouraging words with the delegates. The honorable VC also inspired everyone with her conversational speech with the audience.
A dance performance by the university students marked the end of the conference and the event concluded with people departing with their heads full of knowledge.