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21st October Venue - Abhaypur Village

LADO PANCHAYAT at Abhaypur Village

Students of the School of Legal Studies and School of Management and Commerce, K.R.Mangalm University on 21ST October 2021 have participated in an event ‘Lado Panchayat’ that was organized by the Pranab Mukherjee foundation at Abhaypur village. A total of 30 students along with Ms. Sakshi (Assistant professor) and Dr.Shivani Kampani (Assistant professor) attended this event. The motive of this event was the age of girls for marriage should be changed from 18 years to 21 years of age. Students of different schools and universities were invited to this event. The event started with the choosing of a Pradhan from amongst participants then further they discussed the topic. Students participated enthusiastically and gave very strong opinions.