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15th February Venue - Alipur

Legal Aid and Awareness Camp (Alipur)

School of Legal Studies, K. R. Mangalam University organized a “Legal Aid” Campaign on Feb 15th, 2022, in which more than 40 students participated.

The entire event consisted of two further events:

1) Legal Awareness (Nukkad Natak)

2) The Legal Aid

The Nukkad Natak team performed a small play on the topic of “Marital Rape” or “Vaivaahik balaatkar” and it was shown at 2 different cross-road locations in Alipur to raise and spread awareness about the same. Many people were intrigued while some had their own questions regarding the play. Our legal team helped the villagers understand what the issue was and why it should be a crime unlike its status right now.

The play was well received by the villagers and the members of the panchayat in the presence of Sarpanch Mr. Kuldeep Singh who had gathered people together to watch the play.

The main aim of the Legal Aid tour was to spread awareness about the rights and powers that the people had and to educate them on certain policies that the government has made for them which might not have been made available to them.

The villagers were also informed about DLSA (District Legal Service Authority) and given their contact information so that they could contact the concerned official as and when needed. They were also informed about the legal aid camps that are held at the university and how they could connect with us.

The legal Aid Camp was organized with a goal to educate law students about the reality of life and provide them with real-life exposure to the problems people face and help them to enhance their communication skills and their legal knowledge to help them in the future.