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1st June Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Mocktails Session

With the objective of exposing students to the preparation of various Beverages, with different Methods, bar planning, Garnishing, Glassware, and practical exposure of the same, the School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology organized a mocktail session for students on 1st June 2022. Students got an introduction to bar planning, equipment, ingredient, glassware, and methods of cocktail-mocktail preparation. Students were given a brief introduction to mocktails and an introduction to glassware. Mr. Neeraj Singh- Training Manager, briefly explained the classification of beverages, mocktails, and cocktails.

He also explained various career opportunities in the field of beverages. Students were given the exposure to different methods of Cocktail and Mocktail preparation given to students. This event brought special exposure to the bar and various non-alcoholic beverage preparation. Students can choose a bar outlet as a good career path for their future. Organizing such events will directly help students negotiate their future career paths and help in the exploration of options that can be organized in the future to increase their options and awareness.