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26th April Venue -

Motivational Webinar by Mr. Ravi Kalra

On 26-April-2021, the School of Legal Studies K.R.Mangalam University, in collaboration with District Legal Service Authority, Gurugram, organized a “Motivational Webinar.” This webinar was held online mode via Microsoft Teams. 


The esteemed speaker for this webinar was Mr. Ravi Kalra (The One-Man Army). He is a well-known Karma Yogi, a social activist, and an environmentalist. He founded “The Earth Saviors Foundation” in 2008, and for the past 13 years, he regularly goes on in search of abandoned senior citizens and mentally disabled people. He brings them to the shelter home and provides them free of cost accommodations, food, shelter, and medical care. By far, he has cremated more than 8000 unclaimed and unidentified dead bodies at electric crematoriums. He is also known as the No-Honking Man of India. He is a recipient of the National Award-2019, facilitated by Hon’ble Vice President of India. 


He threw light on both the good and bad sides of our country. For example: In India, rising air pollution, poverty, gender-based discrimination, child labor, etc., are the area for legal aid, and the concerns are a scorching topic for debate. On the other hand, he praised rapidly rising development in all the sectors of the economy in our country. Mr. Kalra mentioned that he could tackle all of these problems with the appropriate coordination with the concerned ministries. 

Mr. Ravi Kalra did not address the participants on his choice, but he asked the participants to come up with ideas for interaction. Furthermore, he discussed animal cruelty, the current pandemic situation, and how the country and our government tackle them. At the end of the session, some various students & faculties were eager to donate to his organization and were ready to volunteer. 


The session was inspiring and motivating as well. The students are looking forward to more webinars & lectures like these.