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9th September Venue - Berka Village

Nukkad Natak

School of Basic and Applied Sciences, K.R. Mangalam University organized an extensive activity- Nukkad Natak on Female Foeticide in Berka Village on 9 September 2022. The event was conducted in Anganwadi, Berka village. There were 14 participants who participated and played different characters in the pursuit of spreading the important message to stop female foeticide and making the common masses aware of the crime, the punishment, and the measures taken by the government to curb this offensive act. They targeted the mindset of people, the impact on society, illiteracy, and other orthodox beliefs as the root cause of this crime. Women from the village area gathered at Anganwadi along with the workers, and children for this event. They were of the opinion that the paramount concern of the immediate family with the daughter is to accumulate money, valuables, and goods for her wedding. While it is easy for a richer family to do so, poor families suffer a lot for the same.