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22nd April Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

PHOTO Ex 2.0 on “World Earth Day”

School of Journalism and Mass communication, K.R. Mangalam University organized a photography competition “ Photo Ex 2.0” on 22 April 2022 on the occasion of World Earth day. The theme for the same was “Earth without Light” which was meant to teach everyone that without sunlight, it would be completely dark on earth and we owe our daylight to the fact that every square meter of the sun shines brighter than a million light bulbs.

Also, the existence of light has the biggest impact on the earth and it keeps the earth with life. Students from different schools and photography clubs participated in the competition organized on MS Teams for which students were asked to capture photographs using DSLR or mobile phones inside a darkroom without using any artificial lighting. The Judges of the competition were Dr. Diwakar Padalia, Associate Professor, SBAS, Ms. Shikha Sharma, and Mr. Tarun Joshi, Assistant Professor, SJMC.

The event received around 47 participants and 37 registrations among which Mehak Srivastava, Himanshi Sachdeva, and Derric Michael won the first, second, and third prizes respectively. The pictures clicked by every student depicted one of the predicaments of difficult times that we were living in. It was an exemplary event that showcased 'creativity has no boundaries.' The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Mehak Pandit, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication.