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31st August Venue - Lakhuwas Village

Plantation Drive

To create awareness and spread the message of saving our planet- 'Protecting our environment is the need of the hour' School of Legal Studies, K.R. Mangalam University in collaboration with Donation Box India Foundation (NGO) organized a plantation drive on Wednesday 31st August 2022 in the nearby village of Lakhuwas.

The students came to know about the importance of their legal duty to keep the environment clean and green. This initiative inculcated a spirit of teamwork, exchange of ideas, and enthusiasm among the participants. Faculty members, NGO team members, and local villagers helped them on the plantation by providing them with tools and other necessities. The Faculty coordinators educated and inspired the students to be more careful and dedicated to their environment.

The students and teachers planted saplings, fenced them, and watered the plants. The drive turned out to be a good initiative. 6 trees of Indian Blackberry (Jamun), Neem, Ashoka, Belpatra, Kadamb, and Kachnaar and 10 saplings of different flowers and vegetables were planted and students were made aware of their fundamental rights and duty to keep the environment pollution free. The students have vowed to take care of these trees and plants and will regularly visit the village to look after them. They further committed to doing such Plantation drives frequently.