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15th March Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Practical Session on Food and Beverage Service

As Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, and Guest Interaction are three major areas of the Hospitality Industry, the School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, K.R.Mangalam University conducted a practical session on making a basic north Indian brunch and serving it to the faculty members of the university on 15th March 2022.

This session was organized to introduce students to basic cooking practices and teach students about silver service in the restaurant and familiarize the students with the coordination between Food Production and Food and Beverage Service. Students understood why is it important to work on a time-bound project when it comes to cooking and serving food, using the traditional silver service, and welcoming and bidding a good day to the guest. This event helped the students understand how a chef and his team work in a hotel and how the F and B team takes care of the guest and service of the food. This was a full hands-on practice for the students to get exposure to the same.