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3rd December Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Rhetoric Club, KRMU Organizes a Pan-University Essay Contest in Accordance with the Election Commission of India

Rhetoric Club, K.R. Mangalam University organized a pan-university Essay Contest in accordance with the Election Commission of India for their students on December 03, 2021. It was a National Annual Essay Contest and K.R. Mangalam University feels proud for its students to be an integral part of the youth of this country who actively participated in this event. The topic of the essay was “Election and Democracy” and it was focused on educating people of the largest democracy in the world about the various aspects of democracy in a developing nation and. It was a pan-university competition and almost every school of the university participated. The competition was organized in the university’s Computer Lab. The footfall of the students was impressive as 25 students participated in the competition. Only 5 students were supposed to be selected for representing our university in the nationals, but there was a tie and as a result, 6 students were selected to represent our university. Kiran Ma’am, Dean, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, consented to be the judge and declared a fair and just result. Now the finalists are working on altering their final papers and sending them to the ECI very soon.

Rhetoric Club Event