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29th November Venue - New Delhi

Roshnikaar 1.0: The Annual Cultural Fest of KR Mangalam University

Roshnikaar 1.0 was organized by the Cultural Society & Management Society of K.R. Mangalam University. The event was an inter-university one where students from other universities & institutions participated in different activities which were organized over a 2-day period. Roshnikaar 1.0 was completely an offline event where students of all the participating institutions came to campus of KR Mangalam University and performed in front of the huge audience.

Following were the activities in which the students participated;

  • Any Body Can Dance (Dance Competition)
  • Sur Taal (Singing Competition)
  • Kavi Manch (Poetry Competition)
  • Picturia
  • Business Dumb Charades
  • Nukkad Naatak (Special Activity)

The event started with lighting of lamp by Prof. Pushplata Tripathi, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Officiating Vice Chancellor, Prof. Avireni Srinivasulu, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof Tania Gupta, Dean Student Welfare and Chairperson Cultural Committee followed by the Welcome Address by Prof. Tania Gupta.

Prof. Tripathi (Pro VC) & Prof. Srinivasulu (Pro VC) addressed the students and encouraged all the participants to give their best shot. Students were quite excited after listening to the leadership team. The participants from all institutions performed admirably in all competitions and reaped the fruits at the prize distribution ceremony.

Around 160+ students from all the participating institutions participated in this event. ABCD & Sur Taal saw more than 60 entries put together. These two competitions were organized on the first day (29th November 2021) of the event in the open grounds of the university campus. The other competitions were organized on the second day (30th November 2021) in the sports room of the campus. All the students showed great enthusiasm and performed to the best of their abilities.

The participating institutions were as mentioned below;

  • KR Mangalam University (Host Institution)
  • North Cap University
  • GD Goenka University
  • Delhi University
  • VIPS Institute
  • Aravali College of Engineering & Management

The event last for 2 days which were quite eventful for all the students and the organizers. The organizing societies worked really hard to make this event a grand success. Thankfully there was no untoward incident for the entire 2-day event. The support from top management and all other departments made huge difference and we witnessed one of the most successful events after the lockdown.

Winners of different competitions are as mentioned below



Winner – Akriti Patel (KRMU)

First Runner-up – Aniket (D. U.)


Winner – 3.14 Crew (VIPS, New Delhi)

First Runner-up – Parminder Singh & Karan Singh (KRMU)



Winner – Pratham (Aravali College of Engineering & Management)

First Runner-up – Ritvik (KRMU)


Winner – Arohan Band (KRMU)

First Runner-up – Precious & Ruanak (Aravali College of Engineering & Management)

Business Dumb Charades

Winner – Yash, Tanya & Pranay (KRMU)

First Runner-up – Kashika, Aman & Hemant (KRMU)


Winner – Mansi (KRMU)

First Runner-up – Pranay (KRMU)

Kavi Manch

Winner – Precious Paul (Aravali College of Engineering & Management)

First Runner-up – Anisha Sharma (KRMU)

The members of Cultural Society & Management Society were

Student Coordinators

  • Prakhar Srivastava – Cultural Society
  • Sanjana – Management Society
  • Chandni VIj– Cultural society

Faculty Coordinators

  • Tania Gupta – Cultural Society
  • Asha Sohal – Cultural Society
  • Vivek Sharma – Cultural Society
  • Rashmi Singel – Management Society
  • Gurbir S. Khera – Management Society
  • Lavesh Mishra – Management Society

Below are some glimpses of the event:

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Inaugural address by Prof. Tania Gupta

Address by Prof. P. Tripathi

Address by Prof. Srinivasulu

Group Dance

Solo Dance

Solo Singing

Group Singing