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6th September Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Session on Career Counseling

To make students aware of the future employment challenges, strategies, and requirements for digital and technical skills, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication on 6 September 2022 organized a workshop on “Employability Skills & Strategies in Digital Era”. Mr. Neeraj Singh is an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and a Learning and Development expert having over 15 years of experience in the field of Campus Recruitment drives coordination in Colleges, Universities, and Corporate was the resource person for this event. Mr. Neeraj Singh explained to students how people are working virtually and had the latest presentation about employment skills and strategies in the digital era, new trends in job roles, and how one has to skill up. His session gave students an insight into how to introduce technology in their day-to-day lives and have hands-on exposure to various internships and collaborations in the industry. The students were made more aware of the upgraded version of job interviews in the near future like personality profiling, credit scoring, and virtual job performance testing. 

This workshop will be beneficial for the students to understand the technical advancement in the digital world. Hence the usage of technology in the advanced world will encourage them to learn new skills as per the market requirements.