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16th August Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Session on recent development in laws related to surrogacy

With the objective of promoting awareness among law students regarding the recent development  in laws related to surrogacy, the School of Legal Studies,K.R. Mangalam University organized a session on 16 August 2022. To create awareness among the students regarding the sensitive issue of surrogacy, laws and some of the drawbacks related to Surrogacy Act 2021. Dr. Megha Garg started the discussion with the introduction,meaning  of surrogacy. It has been discussed that India has become a hub of surrogacy because of easy availability of surrogates as they need money and also because of low cost of medical procedure in comparison to other countries which further has given rise to many social, legal & ethical issues.Students learned about the concept of surrogacy from a legal perspective. They also got an understanding about the laws and regulation dealing with the surrogacy. They also got an understanding of actions and measures that they can take as future lawyers. 

This was a highly informative session for the students that gave a new horizon of perspective, students came out to become more sensitive and showed their willful interest to assist and work towards the betterment of the situation.