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12th April Venue - KR Mangalam University

SJMC organizes an educational visit to Akshara Theatre

12 April 2022, School of Mass Communication and Journalism, K R Mangalam University organized an educational visit to Akshara Theatre, New Delhi. The visit was under the guidance of Mr. Nazrey Hossain, assistant professor, SJMC. The aim of the visit was to give the students a first-hand experience of theatre as a communication art, its functions and the future of the field.

Ms. Anusuya Vaidya, Director and Head, Akshara Theatre, explained the progress of theatre and said that the theatre is 50-year-old, founded by her father in Delhi. The theatre had three sections: a theatre with 96 seats, an amphitheatre with 250 seats and a stand comedy stage with about 30 seats. The students watched the live performance of a play ‘Lal Pankh” based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Rajneesh Gautam, Director.

About 25 students from School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1 from School of Legal Studies and 1 from School of Humanities visited the theatre along with the faculty Mr. Nazrey Hossain. This visit was beneficial for the students, in which they learned about the working of the theatre and its structure.