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14th July Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Webinar on Post-harvest Processing

School of Agricultural Sciences organized an online webinar on Post-harvest processing on 14 July 2022. After harvesting the fruits and vegetables, a large part of the produce is wasted due to high moisture content and storage issues. Thus, post-harvest processing of produce becomes important. The objective to organize this webinar was to acquaint the students with various entrepreneurship related to post-harvest products of vegetables fruits and spices.

The webinar started with the introduction to post-harvest processing of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Dr. Vinita was the guest speaker for the webinar. Dr. Vinita delivered a wonderful session on the processing and preservation of fruits, vegetables and spices products. She discussed in detail the value addition of different post-harvest vegetables fruits and spices. She also threw some light on the role of acidity present in fruits during the preservation. Through this webinar, students gained knowledge about the post-harvest processing of fruits, vegetables and spices and also about the various entrepreneurship options related to seasonal fruit preservation.The webinar by the expert proved beneficial to students as it enhanced their knowledge regarding post-harvest processing of fruits, vegetables and spices.