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8th June Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Workshop on Multiculturalism

With the objective of introducing students to practical experiences of Multiculturalism in the service industry, especially in tourism, K.R.Mangalam University organized a workshop on Multiculturalism on 8th June 2022 by Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar, Assistant Professor, Make my Trip.

Mr. Sudhanshu introduced the basic theories of Multiculturalism. He also introduced the importance of Multiculturalism in society. Then he shared his experiences of traveling in different countries and handling the clients of different countries and diverse cultures.

This session was introduced to aware students of multiculturalism and made them aware of the role of the multiculturalism approach used by the MNCs.

Students got an understanding of Multiculturalism. They also got an understanding of the Multicultural approach adopted by the Multinational companies, especially in the service sector and tourism. This was an interesting and highly informative session for the students of SOHS and some students were interested in the situation in different countries and the multicultural approach to work.