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18th May Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Workshop on Origin: Software for Analysis of Research Data

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Science Club organized a workshop on “Origin: Software for Analysis of Research Data” on 18th May 2022. The key features of Origin related to importing data, performing basic data processing and analysis, and creating and publishing graphs. A clear understanding of your day-to-day needs of using Origin is desirable so that the speaker can tailor the workshop to best meet your needs.

The event started with Dr. Neeraj Kumari, the coordinator who welcome the resource person, Dr. Priyanka Kumari, and the students. During the event, 20 participants were present including students and faculties.

Dr. Priyanka started the workshop by giving an introduction to the software. She emphasized the importance of the software and its need in today’s life, especially for researchers. She explained the difference between the graphs drawn in Microsoft excel and the origin. She told to the participants to draw the graph, its formatting and analysis. She explained it through UV-Visible spectra.

She explained in her lecture about Origin graphs and analysis results which can automatically update on data or parameter change, allowing you to create templates for repetitive tasks or to perform batch operations from the user interface, without the need for programming. The speaker also provided plenty of time for discussion and encourages attendees to bring their specific data and questions.


The workshop was very informative and it will be a great opportunity to learn how you can use Origin more effectively.

The Future Scope for this type of workshop usually unfolds in three stages: critique (determination of the current problem in representing research data), fantasize (solutions to the problem), and implementation to show the data in a better way.