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18th February Venue - KR Mangalam University

Workshop on Visual Arts and Crafts

School of Education, K.R. Mangalam University organized a two-day “Workshop on Visual Arts and Crafts” to provide limitless opportunities for students with creative minds on 17th and 18th February 2022. This workshop was organized by Assistant Prof. Ms. Manju Kundu with the support of Prof. (Dr.) Tania Gupta, Dean School of Education to promote art, craft, and culture among the Youth. This workshop was designed with the objective to teach students various forms of performing art and craft that can develop aesthetic values and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Mr. Pramod Kumar from NCERT was the expert and primary mentor for this workshop on the first day. The number of participants was considerable as students from the department were actively involved in this workshop. The expert showcased his skills in making several types of puppets, from paper puppets, finger puppets to cloth stuffed puppets, this workshop was filled with energy and passion. Students were enthusiastically involved in the activities and made different types of puppets by themselves and depicted a story under the guidance of Pramod Sir.

The second day's expert was  Ms. Heema Nigam from K. R. Mangalam World School, South City, Gurugram. She taught students various activities like Clay Modelling, Border Painting, Foil Impressions, Collage making, etc. The students were highly excited to learn, explore and grow. Both the experts as well as the students along with faculty members of SOED actively participated in the workshop. They were filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. The cooperation, discipline, and punctuality between the students and mentors made this workshop a great success.

The two-day workshop was successful and ended with a vote of thanks given by Dr. P.C. Jena.