Photography workshop on Product Shoot

Photography workshop on Product Shoot

November 22 2018
K.R. Mangalam University, Sohna Road, Gurugram

The School of Journalism and Mass communication organised a one-day workshop on 22nd on Photography product shoot for the BA (JMC) and BA (FD) students on November 22, 2018. .

The Workshop was conducted by Mr.Ayush Goyel (Photo journalist and free- lancer photographer). During the workshop the students gained hands-on-practical experience about different approaches of photography, lighting, angles, composition and framing.

The students also captured different photographs of their product of their choice for getting the practical exposure. They also learned the concept of ‘three point lighting’ which is an essential lighting technique for the photography product shoot as well as for the fashion portfolio's.

The students of BA Fashion Designing also gained hands on learning experience during the workshop by conducting the practice on live model shoot to show-case their self-made attire by projecting in the fashion portfolio's.

The initiative for conducting the workshop was taken by Ms. Shikha Sharma, Assistant Professor, SJMC along with Mr.Kartik Goyal, Studio Assistant, SJMC.