About Course

This Programme aims at the complete development of the student it to a teacher; particularly acquiring knowledge and skill, in individual Care of the learner and also in the method and evaluation designed to facilitate leaning. it prepares the teacher for upper primary to senior secondary classes at the level school, according to the National Council of Teacher (NCTE) guideline.

Duration :

2 Years

Course Outline :

Philosophical Foundations of Education/Psychological Foundations of Education/Methodology of Education Research Statistics/Information and communication Technology/ Teacher Education/Comparative Education/Curriculum Studies/Educational Guidance and Counselling/Gender education and Development/ Data Analysis through statistical packages/Educational Management /Economics of Education/Inclusive Education / Dissertation.

Career Options :

A Masters in Education degree is a key to unlock any career door. In these changing times, a degree like a Masters in Education that allows one to grow and change with the times. An array of options that come with this unique degree choice. The types of jobs one can obtain with a Masters in Education are ‘really limitless e.g. Curriculum Developer, Content Writer, Corporate Trainer/Developer, Principal in schools, Educational Consultant, Media and Technology Specialist Educational Policy Developer.

Eligibility Criteria :

A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50% in any discipline including Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental sciences, Commerce, Management etc.) from a recognized university.

Fee Structure

   First Year Fee  –  Rs.1,00,000/-
   – SEMESTER-I  –  Rs.50,000/-
   – SEMESTER-II  –  Rs.50,000/-