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26th September Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Presentation Competition

School of Humanities, K.R. Mangalam University organized an Intra-School presentation competition on 26 September 2022 on community initiatives to Fight Social Injustice to Eliminate all forms of Discrimination, and Create a Socially Integrated Global Society. The event aimed to create awareness among students on the themes of Human rights, Social Injustice, and Community initiatives to eradicate inequalities, etc. Students were required to prepare short speeches for the same. Students were judged on the basis of their content, clarity of thought, and communication and comprehension skills.  The event was very successful in putting forth the discourse of social justice and provided viable solutions to eradicate social injustice. The event lasted for about one and a half hour. The introductory speech was given by Mr. Mayank Mishra, who also informed students about the guidelines of the event.  Mr. Santosh Kumar provided the concluding remarks and pointed out the need to change the perception of the community by the newer generation. With this, the event came to an end.