Ms. Kriti Sharma

Associate Professor -Engineering & Technology

Interest Area(s)

  • Computer Networks and Cryptography.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture.
  • E-Learning.

She has started her teaching carrier from GIIT, Greater Noida as an Assistant Professor (CSE) in 2014. She was the mentor and guide of B. Tech students. She quit her campus placement from an IT firm and due to her inclination toward education; she cleared her GATE 2012 and moved to persuade M.Tech. She has a good knowledge of subject area and ability to teach students by using various methods in such a manner that can be absorbed by every student of the class. She has joined K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon in 2015. She has also developed a Major Project-Developed project at university level on “Chat Window” using Core Java (applets). This project introduces Chat Window Application and explains chatting session over a social networking site. This project is well versed with the programming. A successful chat can be easily being accompanied with help of this. Also a project on Creation of a Web Service (Pharmacy Stock) with Database Connectivity and a Web Service Client to invoke the web service using Eclipse Java EE with Apache-Tomcat 7.0.42, Axis2-1.6.2 and MySQL Server 5.1. This application that searches for medicine entered by the user and displays the details like pharmacy, potential and stock available according to the updated values stored in the database. She Completed thesis as a part of M.Tech. Under domain “Recommended System in E-Learning” (Papers published under same in National and International conferences and journals). Her everyday new energy level and dedication for her work at her work place help her to optimize her output on daily basis.

Her main goals are:

  • To make course understandable to every single student of the class depending on their individual capability.
  • Mentoring to students so that they do not find themselves stuck or helpless at any point of their learning the course.
  • Create and actively promote a holistic and liberal approach towards interactive and duplex education. Encourage entrepreneurship among emerging engineers.
  • Strong commitment and dedication in teaching.
  • M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering), 2012-2014 from ITM University, Gurgaon. (Now known as NCU).
  • B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering), 2007-2011 from Government Engineering College, Ajmer. Rajasthan
  • 2014-2015: Assistant Professor, Department (CSE & IT), GIIT, Greater Noida.
  • 2014-2015: Guest Lecturer in DITE (Govt. engineering college under Indraprastha University), Delhi.
  • 2015-Till Date : Assistant Professor and student Mentor, Department (CSE), K.R.Mangalam University, Gurgaon.
  • Computer Networks and Cryptography.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture.
  • E-Learning.
  • Qualified GATE 2012.
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