SOED Faculty Dr. Anshul Saluja KRMU


Anshul Saluja

Dr. Anshul Saluja

Assistant Professor -Education

Interest Area(s)

  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Research
  • Elementary Education
  • Educational Policy and Planning
Dr Anshul Saluja has a PhD in Educational Policy from the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi. She holds NET (JRF) in Education. She has been a recipient of the University Grants Commission-Junior Research Fellowship, University Grants Commission-Senior Research Fellowship and MHRD-NIEPA Senior Research Fellowship during her M.Phil. and PhD. Her area of specialization is School Participation of Children at the Elementary Level of Education.  
She is working as an Assistant Professor in the School of Education, K.R. Mangalam University with an additional charge as Assistant Dean, Student Welfare, K.R. Mangalam University. She has worked with Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College for Girls (University of Delhi) as Guest Lecturer. She has five published papers to her credit. She has attended several seminars/conferences and has presented many papers on issues related to education in various national and international seminars/conferences. She has also attended workshops on “Evolving Trends in Teaching Quality with Outcome-Based Learning Tools”, “Ancient India Schools of Philosophy in the Context of Current education System”, “Orientation Programme on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Education” etc organized by reputed agencies from time to time. She holds a Lifetime Membership of the Comparative Education Society of India (CESI).


  • Ph.D. (in Educational Policy, Planning and Administration) (2020) from National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi
  • M.Phil. (2014) from National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi
  • M.A. (Psychology) (2017) from IGNOU, New Delhi
  • UGC-NET JRF (2011) Education 
  • M.Ed. (2011) from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
  • B.Ed. (2010) from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
  • B.Sc. (H) (2009) from University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • 1 year 6 months
  • Gender and Education
  • Education of Disadvantaged Sections of Society
  • Educational Policies
  • Presented a paper titled “Schools and Multiculturalism: Some School-Choice Stories” in National Seminar on Implementation of Educational Best Practices in Multicultural Democracies organized by Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum (CEDBEC) Christ University, Bangalore from 09.02.2022 to 10.02.2022. 
  • Presented a paper titled “Digital Education for Digital India and Intersectionality of Education, Caste, Gender and Class” in 3rd International Conference on Empirical and Theoretical Research (ICETR-2022) organized by International Board for Education, Research and Development (IBERD) and Clara’s College of Commerce, Versova, Mumbai in collaboration with University of Nicosia, Cyprus, Otto Von Guericke Universoty, Germany held from 28.01.2022 to 29.01.2022 and won Best Paper Presentation Award. 
  • Presented a paper  titled “Education for Social Justice: A Critique of National Education Policies of India” in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Socio-Cultural Outlook, Information Policies and education in India and Europe organized by JNU Jean Monnet Module Centre For European Studies (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Central Library, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from 11.08.2021 to 12.08.2021. 
  • Presented a paper titled “Gender and Education: School Participation from Cultural Perspectives” organized by Bombay Teachers’ Training College, Mumbai from 02.02.2021 to 03.02.2021.
  • Presented a paper titled “Gender Disparity and Elementary Schooling: Empirical Evidences from Rural Haryana” in two days national conference on Sustainable Development Goals- 2030: Ideas and Innovations for Better Tomorrow organized by St. Wilfred’s College, Jaipur and GEDY from 17.01.2020 to 18.01.2020.
  • Presented a paper titled “Social and Economic Divisions in School Participation: What Do Households Choose between Government and Private Schools” in Indian Social Science & Humanities Congress 2019 (5th Annual International Conference) organized by Paschimbanga Anchalik Itihas O Loksanskriti Charcha Kendra at Jadavpur University, Kolkata from 07.09.2019 to 08.09.2019. 
  • Presented a paper titled “Preparedness of Teachers to New Modes of Students’ Evaluation:  Glancing at the Training Aspects of Primary School Teachers in the Light of CCE” in two days’ National Seminar on “Teacher Education: Emerging Issues and Challenges” at Central University of Jammu, Jammu from 04.10.2018 to 05.10.2018.
  • Presented a paper in Eighth CESI International Conference titled “Perceived or Informed Choice: Dynamics of Households’ Participation in School” organized by P.G. Department of Education, University of Jammu, Jammu from 16.11.2017 to 18.11.2017. 
  • Presented a paper in two-day Interdisciplinary International Conference on Role of Digitalization in Sustainable Development: A Global Perspective titled “Socio-Economic Diversity among Households and Educational Sustainability: Journey Towards UEE” at Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak from 16.09.2017 to 17.09.2017. 
  • Presented a paper titled “Realizing the Potential of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation: Perceptions, Issues and Challenges faced by the Teachers in Implementation of the Scheme” in UGC sponsored National Seminar on Enriching Teaching Learning Evaluation System in the Age of Digitalization at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar on 24.03.2017.
  • Presented a paper titled “New Dimensions in Evaluation: Teachers’ Perspective on CCE and its Implementation” in International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science Management Education and Technology organized by JCD Memorial College, Sirsa on 27.08.2016.
  • Presented a paper titled “Influence of No Detention Policy on Reducing Wastage at Primary Level of Education” in Third ICSSR Northern Regional Social Science Congress organized by Doon University, Dehradun from 26.02.2015 to 28.02.2015.
  • Presented a paper titled “Code of Professional Ethics among College Teachers in Promoting Quality of an Educational Institute”, in National Seminar on Quality Concerns and New Methodology: Measures of Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutes organized by M.R. College of Education, Faridabad on 18.02.2011.
  • Saluja, A. (2016).  New dimensions in evaluation: Teachers’ perspective on CCE and its implementation. International journal of science technology and management, 05, 622-635.
  • Saluja, A. (2018). Socio-economic diversity among households and education: A study of household factors influencing school participation of children. In P.P. Singh, V.K. Chechi, N. Beri, & P. Kumar (Ed.), Socio-Psychological Issues in Education. (ed). (pp. 38-43). Punjab, India: Lovely Professional University. 
  • Saluja, A. (2019). Social and economic divisions in school participation: What do households choose between government and private school. In Prabir Ghosh (Ed.), Cognizance: The new vistas of education and psychology. (ed). (pp. 188-196). PAIOLCK, Kolkata. 
  • Saluja, A. (2021). Access to Schooling: Does Social and Economic Background of Households Determines the School Participation of Children. Sodh Sarita, 08(29). 
  • Accepted for publication: Paper entitled An Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Choice of School-‘Informed Choice’ Vs ‘Grapevine Decision Making in Journal of Indian Education (NCERT).
  • Saluja, A. (2022). Education for social justice: A critique of national education policies of India. Policy Futures in Education, 14782103221089474.