SJMC students for opportunity to connect with Industry Experts during IEP

SJMC students for opportunity to connect with Industry Experts during IEP

24th September 2020

24th September 2020 - The Day 4 was filled with interactive sessions with experts such as Mr. Shailesh Kumar, Owner of Maya Media, Freelance Journalist began with a short insight into his life and his journey as a freelance journalist and then he went on to the topic of the session Media Entrepreneurship and then he talked about all the aspects of it in the session.

The second session on the fourth day of the industry engagement program witnessed Ms. Prashasti Shandiliya, journalist formerly associated with India Today group. She spoke about challenges in TV reporting during the pandemic. Starting her lecture with her life story, her struggles and challenges she came across in the course of being a journalist she then covered all the aspects and elucidated all the queries raised by the participants during the session.

The third session was conducted by Ms Ritu Singh Senior Creative Director who started the session by saying in every kind of communication there is a story behind it so the topic she explained was storytelling in communication. She presented a power point presentation with the attendees and explained the story behind those communication. She shared few of the advertisements of Google, LUX etc.

Afterwards telling the importance of stories in communication as it gives the weight in the communication and what an impact does that communication give to the listeners and readers. Heading towards attendees came up with their queries. Overall, it was very informative session for all.