About School of Architecture & Planning | K.R. Mangalam


School of Architecture & Design allows the students to pursue constructional designing and planning courses to construct sensitive habitable spaces. Learners get trained to become skilled professionals by the intensive understanding of design aspects such as:
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  • 02

    Interior Design

  • 03

    Landscape Design

  • 04

    Urban Design

  • 05


  • 06

    Conservation Design

  • 07

    Planning and Building Laws

The School currently provides the following professional programmes:
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  • 02

    Bachelor in Interior Design (BID) and

  • 03

    B.Sc. (Hons) in Interior Design


School of Architecture & Design offers Council of Architecture (COA) approved B.Arch. Programme.

The 5-year programme intends to equip the students with knowledge, skills, and attitude to attain capabilities required to meet the current market demands and to address future challenges. The curriculum balances creativity, aesthetic understanding, and technical skills along with mindfulness practices towards Human Habitat.


Architecture is a challenging field that amalgamates the disciplines of art and science. This programme delivers a high level of contextual excellence in the arena of architectural design. Theory, studio & applied subjects are undertaken in this course supported by experts’ inputs in Art, Architecture & Design, Engineering, and Technology. At the end of the programme, graduates develop a strong foundation of multi-disciplinary skills related to environment-friendly and sustainable design, construction techniques, space transformations, and aesthetic features.