School of Architecture & Planning Infrastructure


The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern settings and cutting-edge apparatus that helps students hone practical skills within the campus.

Design Studios

Students of Architecture and Interior Design work on their creative design and structural projects in their respective studios.

These studios are large indoor spaces with adequate lighting and display and drawing boards for the jury and students. students design and decorate studios with elements relevant to their project theme.

Model-making Room

This is a well-appointed room with large granite surface tables for students to work on their models and other subject-oriented practices.

Art Room

Art Room with ample daylight, display, and drawing boards for students to work on Art and Graphics related to their specific discipline.

Exhibition Room

A large Exhibition Room where students display their presentation drawings and models.

Central Library

The central library is well-stocked with books and reference material, journals, etc. is accessible to all the departments of the university.

Construction Yard

Construction Yard is an area demarcated on the university campus for experimental construction techniques and hands-on experience of arches and wall construction.

Carpentry and metalwork Workshop

A fully equipped workshop is available for students enrolled in Engineering, Architecture, and interior design to learn the techniques and joinery details of working with metal and wood.

Material Museum

Material Museum has samples of construction materials, finishes, plumbing parts, and door-window frames, etc., helping students understand the utility and pros and cons of different materials and finishes.