School of Basic & Applied Science Infrastructure


The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern settings and cutting-edge apparatus that helps students hone practical skills within the campus.


The School has well-equipped science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, and Computer laboratory) to help students carry out practical tasks and projects.

Each laboratory is well furnished with requisite equipment to help aspiring innovators grasp all the scientific concepts.

physics lab

Physics Laboratory

Physics lab is equipment to facilitate hands-on learning and in-depth knowledge of various experiments such as Hall Effect, BH Curve, semiconductor properties, etc. The lab is also associated with Dark Room, where practicals related to light and LASERS are conducted.

chemistry laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory in the School of Basic and Applied Science is well-appointed with the instruments like UV-Visible spectrophotometer, flame photometer, melting point apparatus, rotavapor, water distillation plant, centrifuge, furnace, and many more. The impactful research in nanotechnology, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry, and other domains is carried out in the laboratory. The department is also researching interdisciplinary topics by collaborating with various research institutes and laboratories.