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Dr Ranjit Varma has a teaching experience of 17 years and an industrial experience of 02 years. Before joining K R Mangalam University, Dr Varma has worked with R B S College, Agra where he has worked on different positions including Head(ECE), Head (Admission Committee), Senior Member of Proctorial Board, Head Examiner (UPTU), Flying Squad Leader (UPTU), Project Coordinator, Convener of different Academic Societies, Organizing Secretary in Annual Function of the College. Dr Ranjit Varma has done his Ph.D in “Analysis and Design of Metamaterial inspired Microstrip Patch Antenna” . His research interests are in Microstrip Patch Antennas , Metamaterials. He has guided about 40 B.Tech. projects in the above areas. His M.E. (2005) is in Microwave Communication and Radar Engineering from Dr B R Ambedkar University (Agra University). He has done his B.Tech (1995) from Dr B S A Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Before joining RBS College, Agra he worked as Senior Engineer in a Petrochemical Plant called M/s Synthetics and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly. There he worked in Erection, commissioning and maintenance of various electronic equipments which were used to control the process parameters such as flow, level, temperature and pressure. He has the experience of working on DCS and PLC.

Dr Ranjit has been an active member In organizing two international conferences in RBS College, Agra. In which various participants from foreign countries participated.
He attended various QIP, faculty development program , international and national conference and workshops.


  • Ph.D. (Electronics), 2012-2015 from JNU, Jaipur in Analysis and Design of Metamaterial-Inspired Microstrip Patch Antenna.
  • M.E. (Microwave Communication and Radar Engineering ), 2002-2005 from Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar University (Agra University), Agra.
  • B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering), 1991-1995 from Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar University, Aurangabad.
  • Work Experience

  • 1997-1999: Senior Engineer, M/s Synthetics and Chemicals Pvt. Limited, Bareilly.
  • 1999-2007: Lecturer, RBS College, Agra.
  • 2007-2015: Reader, RBS College, Agra.
  • 2015-Till Date : Associate Professor, SOET, K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon.
  • Interest Area(s)

  • Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Metamaterial

  • Apart from these Dr Varma has the experience of setting up Microwave Lab, Electronics lab, Communication Lab . Moreover, he has gained technical knowledge with significant practical experience helping the organization achieve success in the academic as well as extra academic fields. He is a successful teacher, respected and loved equally by faculty, staff and students and have worked for the development and upliftment of the organization throughout these years. He likes to actively participate in the endeavors of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, to utilize his experience and make the students career progressive and meet the challenges by learning and performing to the best of his ability.

    Professional Projects / Professional Achievements / Publicatioins

  • Attended Faculty Development ISTE two week Workshop on ANALOG ELECTRONICS organized by IIT Kharaghpur from 4/6/13 to 14/6/13.
  • Attended two days National Workshop on “Recent Advances in Microwave Circuit Design” organized by IEEE-MTTS in SIT, Mathura from 18/08/12 to 19/08/12.
  • Attended two days National Workshop on LABVIEW, MATLAB And Their Applications in DEI, Dayalbagh from 25/03/11 to 26/03/11.
  • Attended an International Conference Organized by RBS College, Agra on Electromagnetic from 20/11/06 to 22/11/06
  • Attended a QIP on Renewable energy resources organized by I I T, Delhi from 13/06/05 to 27/06/05.
  • Attended a short term course on 8086 Microprocessors organized by D.E.I. Dayalbagh, Agra from 2/8/04 to 31/08/04.

  • Professional Projects / Professional Achievements Projects:
  • M.E.-Design and Analysis of Micro strip Phased Array Antennas.
  • B.E.-Simultaneous transmission of picture and speech using optical Fiber. (Principle of Videophone)
  • Extra Academic Work: Projects:
    M.E.-Design and Analysis of Micro strip Phased Array Antennas.
    B.E.-Simultaneous transmission of picture and speech using optical Fiber. (Principle of Videophone)

    Extra Academic Work:
    Worked as convener for VINIMAY and ELECTRONIC SOCIETY for the last four years , during this period I have organized several events like seminars , guest lectures, annual technical events etc.
    Worked as Faculty level Seminar coordinator.
    Worked as Project Coordinator for the Electronics Deptt
    Worked as Training and Placement Coordinator for Electronics Deptt.
    Worked as Convener Academic Societies.

    Industry: Worked in Erection, Commissioning and maintenance of various electronic equipments which were used to control process parameters such as flow transmitters, level transmitters, temperature indicators, pressure transmitters and indicators, compressors, All these equipments were controlled by DCS and PLC’s

    Paper Published in IEEE Conference and Journal:

  • Sukhbir Singh, Ranjit Varma, Manish Sharma “Superwideband Monopole Reconfigurable Antenna with Triple Notched Band Characteristics for Numerous Applications in Wireless System” Wireless Personal Communication, Springer, Feb,2019.
  • Sukhbir Singh, Ranjit Varma, Manish Sharma “Design And Analysis of Multiband Antenna for Bluetooth, WiMAX, WLAN and X-Band Applications” 2019 IEEE International Conference “CONFLUENCE 2019” held at Amity University,Noida,10-11 January,2019.
  • Sukhbir Singh, Ranjit Varma ,Manish Sharma “High Rejection Triple Band Notch Reconfigurable Superwideband Antenna With Integrated Lower DCS/PCS System” IEEE 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks, SPIN 2019, to be held at Amity University, Noida, 7-8 March 2019.
  • Raman Yadav, Sharda Vashisth, Ranjit Varma, “Computer Based Methods to Analyze Carotid Stenosis” 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies for Smart Nation (IC3TSN 2017) held at G D Goenka University, Gurugram, 12-14 October, 2017.
  • Sunil Sonawane, Mahmoud Meribout, Ranjit Varma, “Design and Optimization of an RF Probe for a Portable NMR-based System” AASET2017 held at K R Mangalam University, Gurugram, 17-18 August,2017
  • Ranjit Varma, S K Sharma, B Singh, “Improvement in rectangular microstrip patch antenna parameters using Metamaterial with Active Devices” an IEEE conference
  • ICDCCOMM-14 held at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi,12-13 September,2014.
  • Ranjit Varma, S K Sharma, B Singh, “Miniaturization of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Metamaterial” International Journal IJAREEIE, Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2014.