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Creativity and innovation are quintessential skills in the modern workplace which are quite critical to teach.

Apple offers iOS lab solutions for our university to creatively engage students and motivate them to take an interest in their learning. The iLife ’09 suite of applications comes standard on every Mac, so students can immediately begin to create podcasts, editing videos, composing music, producing photo essays, and more.

iOS lab is capable of solving all your computing needs. Every Mac comes powered by an Intel processor and features Mac OS X – the world’s most advanced operating system. Mac OS X comes with a dual-boot feature called Boot Camp that lets students run Windows XP or Vista natively if there is a PC application they need to use. The free BootPicker application gets installed, allowing students to choose the operating system they want to use when they log in. Every new Mac runs Microsoft Office, making file exchange feasible. Mac comes with all kinds of built-in tools for education, so students will spend less time and money piecing together various hardware and software solutions. All Mac desktop computers, notebooks, and displays have earned the ENERGY STAR rating for energy efficiency.

Students can master industry-standard digital media tools used in the film, video, and audio production, providing the skills and certification to jump-start their careers and distinguish themselves as professional-level users of Apple pro applications.

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