EC & EE Engineering Lab | K.R. Mangalam

EC & EE Engineering Lab

E-Yantra Lab 

A new e-Yantra Robotics Lab in collaboration with IIT Bombay, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), by the Government of India has been set up and inaugurated on 30th July 2019 at K.R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon.

Robotics Lab

The lab has created sustainable ecosystems where students experiment with robots to execute projects while enhancing their entrepreneurial skills in embedded systems and Robotics. 3-D printers, Robotic Six Arm Machine six dof, etc., are available in the lab.

Engineering Kitchen

This lab was started by Prof. Krishan Lal, former Director National Physics Laboratory, New Delhi. The engineering kitchen is a hub for all students and faculty, particularly those involved in innovation, invention, and entrepreneurial activities.

Smart Ashram

This is a mix of outdoor and indoor learning space that utilizes the local traditional building techniques and materials. Some materials explored so far are stabilized mud blocks, stone, brick, lime, soil, adobe, bamboo, unprocessed wood. Students have visited TARA Machines Factory at Ghitorni and witnessed the construction and strength tests of stabilized mud blocks using the soil on the KRMU campus.

Electrical Machines Lab 

This laboratory empowers students with in-depth knowledge of various types of AC and DC machines. The innovative teaching-learning practice in the lab resolves the subject’s complications through working models. DC motor, DC generator, Single phase transformer, three-phase transformer, Three-phase synchronous motor, Three-phase AC generator, etc. are available in the lab.

SOET Computer Labs in all the departments are equipped with innovative software including MATLAB, TINA, LINUX, DEVC++, WEKA, PYTHON, CAD, etc.