B.A. (Hons. with Research) English

with Preparation for Competitive Exam (Banking/ Insurance/ Railways/SSC) for Central and State Govt Jobs

“Advancing Literary Knowledge at KRMU”


    The B.A. (Hons. with Research) English program at K.R. Mangalam University offers a special combination of literary analysis, linguistic proficiency, and a calculated emphasis on competitive exam preparation. This program provides a thorough English education, research opportunities, and professional coaching for competitive tests. It is designed for students who aspire to work in federal and state government posts in industries like banking, insurance, railways, and SSC.

    B.A. (Hons. with Research) English

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    Unlock Government Job Opportunities through

    Language and Research.

    A B.A. (Hons. with Research) English is an advanced undergraduate program that combines traditional literary studies with a strong emphasis on research. This program delves into English literature and language, offering students an opportunity to explore a wide range of texts from various historical periods, geographical regions, and cultural contexts.

    Program Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • History of English Literature (14th to 18th Centuries)
    • Indian Writing in English
    • Communication Skills
    • Minor
    • New Age Life Skills - I
    • Microsoft Excel – Refresher to Advanced
    • Value Added Course 1 – EVS and DM
    • British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries
    • British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries - Practical
    • European Classical Literature
    • Women’s Writing
    • Minor
    • Open Elective (University Pool)
    • New Age Life Skills - II
    • Value Added Course 2 (Community Engagement and Service)
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • British Romantic Literature
    • Popular Literature
    • Popular Literature - Practical
    • Minor
    • Open Elective (University Pool)
    • Value Added Course 3 (University Pool)
    • New Age Life Skills - III
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship/Apprenticeship
    • Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment
    • Literary Criticism
    • British Poetry and Drama: 17th to 18th Centuries
    • British Poetry and Drama: 17th to 18th Centuries - Practical
    • Minor
    • Open Elective (University Pool)
    • Value Added Course 4 (University Pool)
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • British Literature – 18th Century
    • American Literature
    • American Literature - Practical
    • Language and Linguistics
    • Minor
    • Skill Enhancement Course 3
    • Discipline Specific Elective 1
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship/Apprenticeship
    • World Literatures
    • Travel Writing
    • Applied Linguistics
    • Modern European Drama
    • Modern European Drama - Practical
    • British Literature – 19th Century
    • Minor
    • Discipline Specific Elective 2
    • Skill Enhancement Course 4
    • Internship/Minor Project Report
    • DS Elective-2 Partition Literature
    • DS Elective-2 Literature of Indian Diaspora
    • DS Elective-2 Regional Literature in Translation
    Semester 7
    Semester 8
    • British Literature – 20th Century
    • Research Methodology (English)
    • Minor
    • Minor
    • Major Project/Dissertation

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At KRMU, we take immense pride in our strong network of corporate partnerships and collaborations, extending our commitment to excellence to the B.A. (Hons. with Research) English program. We have forged associations with leading law firms, multinational corporations, financial giants, and renowned consultancies, including Ernst & Young India, AZB and Partners, ICICI Bank, Trilegal, S&R Associates, Wipro, Deloitte, Cognizant, among others.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our B.A. (Hons. with Research) English program serves as a gateway to a wide range of rewarding career opportunities, encompassing the realms of language, literature, research, and beyond. Graduates of this program are equipped with a versatile skill set and in-depth knowledge that prepares them to excel in various roles. While the possibilities are vast, we outline five key career paths below, though there are numerous other exciting prospects available:

    • Content Strategist and Writer: Craft compelling narratives and content for organizations, helping them connect with their audiences and drive engagement.
    • Editorial and Publishing Professional: Work in the publishing industry, shaping manuscripts, overseeing publications, and contributing to the literary world.
    • Language and Communication Consultant: Offer expertise in language and communication to businesses, helping them enhance their branding, marketing, and communication strategies.
    • Education and Research: Pursue a career in academia or research, inspiring the next generation of scholars or contributing to the field of literature and linguistics.

    Hear straight from our Students

    Madhav Sharma

    Overall, my experience in the B.A. (Hons. with Research) English program with competitive exam preparation was extremely enriching. It gave me a solid academic foundation in English as well as the skills and knowledge I needed to excel in competitive exams for federal and state government jobs. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in these fields while also developing a passion for English literature and research.

    Rohit Sharma

    Placement Services: The program also provided placement services for government job opportunities. The college had partnerships with various government agencies and held regular placement drives, which were extremely beneficial to students aspiring to government positions.

    Rohan Gupta

    Infrastructure and Resources: The college provided outstanding infrastructure and resources, such as a well-stocked library, computer labs, and online learning platforms. These resources helped me with my research and exam preparation.

    Aditi Gautam

    Opportunities for Research: The program's research component allowed me to delve deeper into my interests in English literature. I had the opportunity to work on research projects that expanded my knowledge of literary theory and critical analysis. This experience was invaluable for both personal and academic development.


    • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practical applications of their subject.


    • To acquire a sense of social responsibility and service to the greater good of humanity.


    • To foster scientific temper, creative ability and cross cultural sensitivity.


    • To prepare future teachers and writers/authors who will be able to spread knowledge via ‘literature and its diversity of interpretation’ at local and global levels.


    • To develop skills in literary analysis, interpretation and research.


    • To develop strong competencies in undergraduate-level students in broad fields of English and its applications in an interactive environment.


    • To develop competence in the structure, levels and discourse functions of the English language


    • To appreciate different literary texts with respect to its genre and history.


    • To gain an understanding of the social and cultural connotations associated with a literary work.


    Financial Assistance

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    MBA Degree

    100% Sponsored MBA for Outstanding Undergraduates

    KRMU takes pride in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. To honor and encourage academic excellence, we offer a distinctive sponsorship scheme: Exceptional undergraduates have the opportunity to pursue an MBA at KRMU with 100% sponsorship. This initiative is our commitment to investing in the bright minds that have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements during their undergraduate studies.

    Embark on an MBA journey without financial constraints and unlock your full potential. At KRMU, we provide more than just an education; we offer a pathway to excellence and success in the business world. Seize this opportunity to transform your academic prowess into a thriving career.

    • The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at KRMU and needs to score more than 8.0 CGPA

    • The student must have 75% or more attendance during the whole course period

    • Students must clear all of the papers/exams across the tenure in the first attempt

    • The student should not have any disciplinary charges against him/her during the whole period of their undergraduate degree

    Commence Your Journey
    in 6 Simple Steps

    Commence Your Journey in 6 Simple Steps

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    B.A. (Hons. with Research) English