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The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science is a three-year undergraduate course offered by KR Mangalam University's School of Humanities (SOHS) that focuses on the study of the state, government and politics, evolution and the various human experimentation and ingenuity that led to the development of the modern world. Students at SOHS will dive in and learn more about various aspects of human society including politics and government, war and society, economics, intellectual life, and sexuality. The innovative pedagogy at KR Mangalam University emphasizes a strong subject-specific foundation in the intellectual domain of history.
In an atmosphere of academic and intellectual freedom, close faculty-student engagement, and small classes, the investigation of historical facts inspires the cultivation of the whole person through rigorous reading and writing, as well as active experiential learning inside and outside the classroom. Graduates of this program will have gained knowledge, a diverse set of skills and aptitudes, as well as a lifelong curiosity and love of learning. The course also aids in the development of critical thinking and the search for inquisitiveness to quench their intellectual thirst.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

Programme Details

Programme Highlights
Students enrolled in this course are taught by experienced faculty members and subject experts only.
  • KRMU SOHS has developed the curriculum in a project-based, practical pedagogy to make the students understand the concepts better and apply them to solve real-life problems.
  • Frequent interaction with renowned experts in the field of history
  • Regular field trips to historical sites to help students enhance their practical knowledge and put their theoretical knowledge to use.
  • Apart from regular coursework, enrolled students will get access to various certification courses and workshops to enhance their skills.
  • Regular practical and live projects are being explained and given to students.
  • All enrolled students have access to the LMS which is a database that contains many data sets, projects, puzzles, assignments, and interview questions that help students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge while also assisting them in getting hired at a world-class organization.
Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
CC-I: Introduction to Political Theory 6
CC-II: Constitutional Government and Democracy in India 6
GE-I: Nationalism in India 6
AECC -I: Communication Skills 4

Semester 2
Course Title Credit
CC-III: Political Theory- Concepts and Debates 6
CC-IV: Political Process in India 6
GE-II: Women Power and Politics: A Global Perspective 6
AECC -II: Environmental Studies 4

Semester 3
Course Title Credit
CC-V: Comparative Government and Politics 6
CC-VI: Public Administration 6
CC-VII: International Relations 6
AECC -III: Disaster Management 4
SEC-I: Your Laws, Your Rights 4
GEC-III: Governance: Issues and Challenges 4

Semester 4
Course Title Credit
CC-VIII: Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective 6
CC-IX: Public Policy and Administration in India 6
CC-X: Globalisation: Dimensions and Dilemmas 6
SEC-II: Legislative Practices and Budget Analysis 6
GEC-IV: United Nations and Global Conflicts 4


Programme Outcomes
  • A pool of knowledge and skills- Students will be able to gain new skills that will help them to apply the knowledge and can help in the smooth working of various political parties. 
  • Innovation and Development- Aspirants will be able to think critically and will follow the innovations and developments in science and technology, develop personal and organizational entrepreneurship. 
  • Use of modern tools and techniques- Students will be industry-ready as the university will teach students the use of modern tools that can help them to apply their skills and techniques in whichever field they select.
  • Enhanced Communication skills- While communicating with the experts during the learning period students will gain confidence and will be able to present their ideas and thoughts clearly.
  • Professional ethics- Aspirants will be well versed with the ethics and code of conduct that are required to become Political Science professionals.

Who should Pursue

Students interested in politics and have a strong urge to get a deeper knowledge of politics and political parties should pursue this course. The course enables the students to develop critical thinking and learn about the mechanism of political parties and the importance of campaigns. This program offers a wide range of job opportunities in the government as well as in the private sector. The scope after BA(Honours) Political Science is bright as it offers endless opportunities. Aspirants who want to directly get involved in political parties and have wants to handle campaigns should pursue this course at K.R.Mangalam University.

Sponsored MBA Degree

K.R. Mangalam University offers a Sponsored MBA Degree to all of the new KRMU students who are looking forward to getting enrolled in the UG courses. 
KRMU bears the total course fee i.e. INR 5,20,000 of the deserving student. This is a golden opportunity for the students who wish to pursue MBA after their undergraduate studies.


The students who wish to avail and pursue a Sponsored MBA Degree from K.R. Mangalam University should be eligible as per the following eligibility criteria:
  • Student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at KRMU and needs to score more than 8.0 CGPA
  • Students must clear all of the papers/exams across the tenure in the first attempt
  • Student must have 75% or more attendance during the whole course period
  • Student should not have any disciplinary charges against him/her during the whole period of their undergraduate degree.


Financial Assistance

Education loans are provided by the college to students to which to avail financial assistance offered by K.R.Mangalam Unversity. The university has collaborated with many top banks for providing assistance to the students. To provide educational loans to students the university has partnerships with the leading banks to grant educational loans. Know more about financial assistance by KRMU Click Here

Career Options

Students enrolling for the BA (Honours) Political Science program at SOHS, K.R. Mangalam university will be opening doors to some of the most lucrative career options. Some of the most sought-after careers are
  • Civil Services
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Corporate Manager
  • Politics
  • Journalism
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Legal Adviser to political parties
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Election and Campaign Manager 
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Bank Manager
  • Policy Analyst


K.R. Mangalam University offers plentiful placement opportunities to its students. It emphasises the significance of building a professional network from the very beginning of one’s career. You can expect to get a high-paying job after graduating from KRMU. The university assists its students to seek career counselling at every step of their careers. Some of the companies that recruit their candidates from the KRMU placement drive are as follows:
  • HCL
  • CPA Global
  • Oyo
  • Paytm
  • Magic Meters
  • News On Dot
  • BookMyForex
  • Indiabulls
  • Husys
  • LawRato
  • Airtel


If you are seeking admission in this course, you need to first fill out the application form at admissions.krmangalam.edu.in. Then you will get a link for the admission test at your registered email address. Once you complete the test, your interview will be scheduled with one of the faculty members at KRMU. Upon selection, you have to submit the required documents and fee. Click Here to know more about admission

The university strives to make its students industry-ready through a rigorous academic curriculum and campus placements. KRMU has started the ‘Campus to Corporate Connect’ initiative to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with esteemed corporates and institutions across different industries.

Yes, the K.R. Mangalam University provides high-quality career counselling services to its students. This can enable the students to learn how to unleash their inner potential and make the right career choices. They can identify their dream careers if they receive proper guidance and mentorship. 

Yes college gives opportunities for internships and placements to the students so that they can learn new skills and acquire the qualities required in the computer science and engineering field.

If you have a genuine interest in Politics and its working, you will find political science and its concepts interesting. The study of Political Science is not that tough if your basics are clear then you will find it very easy.

Students enrolled in a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science program will learn a variety of skills, including research methods, policy analysis, political communication, and international relations. Additionally, students may gain experience in public speaking, writing, and leadership

Graduates with a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science degree can pursue a wide range of career paths. These may include positions in government, public policy, international relations, lobbying, law, journalism, or advocacy.

Yes, a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science degree is the same as a political science degree. Both degrees provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the functioning of political systems, analyze political issues, and develop strategies for engaging in political activities.

Yes, a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science degree is internationally recognized. Many universities around the world offer this degree program, and graduates can pursue a variety of career paths.

Common courses included in a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science program include political theory, international relations, public policy, political communication, and research methods.

Graduates with a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science degree can pursue a wide range of career paths. These may include positions in government, public policy, international relations, lobbying, law, journalism, or advocacy.

Yes, some universities offer specializations within their B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science programs. These may include specializations in public policy, international relations, or comparative politics.

Yes, a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science degree is worth it. Graduates with this degree can pursue a variety of career paths and will gain valuable knowledge and skills in the process.

Research topics typically covered in a B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science program include political theory, public policy, international relations, and comparative politics. Additionally, some programs may include research in areas such as law, economics, or sociology.


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