B.A. (Hons.) Psychology
Program Overview

B.A Hons. Psychology is an undergraduate Psychology course. Psychology is the scientific study of the mental and behavioural functions of humans. Subjects usually studied under this degree are clinical psychology, general psychology, research methods & psychology testing, abnormal psychology, development psychology, organizational psychology, child and adolescent psychology, industrial psychology, etc. Some of the areas may include teaching industry the best ways to select and motivate employees providing crucial insight into the background of social problems such as suicide, addiction and child abuse. The duration of the course is three years and it opens many opportunities for successfully passed students in different fields including further study options.


“The Vision of the Department of Psychology and Counselling Centre, K.R. Mangalam University is to impart quality education, enhance research programs, updating skills and inculcating values, ethics among students”


  • Exposure to an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the developmental, biological, cognitive/ affective, and social aspects of behavior.
  • To enhancing the research activities in the department
  • To create awareness about mental health
  • To develop skilled psychologist and counselors
  • To encourage the overall and dynamic personality development of student

  • Psychometric & Personality testing Lab – The students will have exposure and experience in using the latest psychological tests for assessment of human behaviour. Psychologists are required to be a dept with use of psychological tests for assessing personality, intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, aptitude, interest and stress or adjustment levels in people.
  • Experimental Lab – Apparatus for testing learning, perception, reaction time, memory process, forgetting, and other human processes.

  • The student has a successful career in hospitals, clinical settings, NGO, Industrial, Organizational settings Child Protection Agency working in school and collage as counselor or also in corporate sectors as a trainer.
  • Minimum qualification for admission

    Students who have passed (10+2) standard (any stream) from a recognized board are eligible to pursue this course.