The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern settings and cutting-edge apparatus that helps students hone practical skills within the campus.

Pharmaceutics Lab

The Pharmaceutics laboratory is strategically constructed to teach the preparation of different types of formulations such as tablets, suspensions, syrups, capsules, emulsions, implants, decoctions, elixirs, tinctures, etc. The laboratory is equipped with various instruments for the research and development in the area of new drug delivery system such as tablet punching machine, tablet coating machines, tray dryer, capsule filling machine, dissolution apparatus, friability test apparatus, disintegration test apparatus, Brookfield viscometer to name a few.

Pharmacognosy Lab

Pharmacognosy Lab

The Pharmacognosy laboratory involves practicals related to Pharmacognosy fundamentals including classification of crude drugs, their identification and evaluation, presence of phytochemicals, and the evaluation of their medicinal properties. The laboratory consists of a wide range of research equipment ranging from soxhlet apparatus to Clevenger apparatus, distillation assembly, UV cabinet, projection microscope, compound microscope, eyepiece and stage micrometers, camera lucida, TLC chamber, etc.

Microbiology Lab

The Microbiology Laboratory provides practical exposure to students on the techniques of sterilization, antibiotic assay, microbial sensitivity, microbial resistance, and tissue culture techniques. The laboratory has advanced research equipment such as B.O.D. Incubator, Aseptic Room with Laminar Air Flow Unit, Digital Oven, Incubators, Bacterial Colony Counter, autoclaves, microscopes, centrifuge, and more.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory imparts fundamental knowledge on the structure, chemistry, and therapeutic value of drugs and structure-activity relationships of drugs, the importance of physicochemical properties, and metabolism of drugs. Every requisite research equipment from melting point apparatus, photo-calorimeter, pH meter to flame photometer, muffle furnace, and many others are available in the lab.

Central Instrumentation Facility

To facilitate students working on an advanced research level in the area of pharmaceutical and allied sciences, a Central Instrumentation facility has been developed. It comprises core research instruments such as high-performance liquid chromatography, UV spectroscopy, flame photometry, Deep Freezer, Nephelo-turbidity meter, sonicator, moisture balance, electrophoresis, among many others.

Pharmacy Museum

Pharmacy Museum

The facility of Pharmacy Museum showcases historical artefacts, tools, and documents related to the field of pharmacy, providing insights into the evolution of pharmaceutical practices, medicines, and healthcare over time.

Anatomy Lab

Atonoomy Lab

A specialized laboratory equipped with human and anatomical models, where students and researchers study the structure and organization of body parts and systems for educational and scientific purposes.

Electrotherapy Lab

Electrotherapy Lab

A specialised lab equipped with devices and equipment used for therapeutic applications of electrical stimulation in healthcare. Furthermore, it lets the students study, research, and administer electrotherapy treatments for various medical conditions and rehabilitation purposes.

Pharmacology Lab

The Pharmacology laboratory helps students understand what drugs do to living organisms and how they affect therapeutics. The learning-teaching practice also thrusts upon the information about the drugs such as their mechanisms of action, physiological and biochemical effects (pharmacodynamics) as well as absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (pharmacokinetics) along with the adverse effects, clinical uses, interactions, doses and contraindications of drugs.

The laboratory offers facilities including Rota Rod, Electroconvulsiometer, Analgesiometer, Histamine chamber, and Actophotometer, student organ bath assembly with Sherrington recording drum, Eddi hot plate, pole climbing apparatus, histamine chamber, etc.