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Student's Testimonial

Student's Video Testimonial

Shubham Sharma, BA(JMC), III semester
Daksh Mehta, B. Tech (CSE), VII semester
Kewal Gupta, B. Tech (Civil), V semester

Shravani, BBA, V semester
Arjun Samal, B. Tech (CSE), VII semester
Vani, M.Pharmacology, I semester

Student's Testimonial


SHRUTI BANSAL (1902080045)BBA, Semester-III

I really like how our professors are managing all the things even in online mode the events takes place in such a flexible manner.


MEDHA TIWARI (1605140001 ) BBA LLB (H) Semester-IX

Online classes are easy to attend and knowledgeable as the faculty can share the screen with students and the student can capture the screen and classes can be recorded for future revisions.


VIDYANTIKA JHA (1808180023)B.A. (H) English, Semester-V

It is a great mode of teaching. All of these programs are adhered for our skill development in which our teachers enhance our skills regarding communication, psychologically, stress management and many more.


SHUBHAM SWAMI (2002082001)BBA, Semester-III

Awesome, I am getting feel of modern India. Online Classes are giving same feel as physical classes in college and according to me this is best for current pandemic situation.


UDITA SHARMA (1802080067)BBA, Semester-V

It is a good University, being at KRMU has really changed my life I got to grow and learn as a person and got the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things.


HIMANSHI SACHDEVA (1909200007)B.A. (JMC), Semester-III

All these programmes till now are were very useful and thanks to faculty and University for bringing these ideas to innovate and trigger our minds.


MOHIT CHAHAL (1901010020)B.Tech CSE, Semester-III

The Industrial Connect/Community Connect projects are very nice. It feels good to work on projects with my classmates, juniors as well as seniors. It's a new kind of experience. I like the emphasis being put on clubs and societies.


DIVYA UPRETI (1605140010)BBA LLB (H), Semester-IX

Every experience is memorable in its own way while interacting with our teachers they guide us so well that I can't put it in words. Just to Thanks to all the teachers who are there with us to guide us in every way that will be helpful for us in long run.


CHANDER SINGH (2004610006)M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics), Semester-I

KRMU provides a best platform to students for their future goals. The faculty of KRMU is so good and well educated, experienced persons. Faculty guides the students in a well and proper manner regarding the project work and other study work.


AADITYA NARAYAN YADAV (2003090001)B.Sc (H) Physics, Semester-I

Every day at KRMU is Memorable we at KRMU learn and focus on all round development (Soft Skill Development as well as Subject based Knowledge