Today, fashion permeates everything that we see or use. The effects of fashion are quite evident and all around us today, and it plays an immensely important part in determining one’s lifestyle as well as the individual’s taste and personality. The immense importance such a profession holds is quite evident in its applications in the field of designing art, apparel, accessories, and many more. Realizing the potential lying in such a field, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, have categorized a list of steps that a budding fashion designer can undertake to improve his/her chances of success in the world of fashion.

Dedicatedly work towards developing the skills: Being one of the most versatile and creative job profiles, fashion designers need to possess a wide array of skills that they can use to bring a bounce of vibrancy and exclusivity in their pieces. These professionals must have the ability to visualize concepts and create designs that aptly suit the requirements of the project. Creating a good design requires strong focus,an eye for color combination, and a fair idea of the usage of proper materials. It is essential that the designer has an in-depth knowledge of how a particular fabric reacts, wraps around, and breathes when worn.  Besides, having an excellent knowledge of sewing different kinds of fabrics is also essential as most of the time the designers create the base design by hand for a better idea of how it will look in real-time. Moreover, having preliminary art skills from a young age can be immensely beneficial, though not a prerequisite for being successful in the field.

Attain Formal Education:If you are willing to make your mark in the fashion industry and showcase your skills, talent, and creativity, it is necessary that you take up formal education in fashion designing from a reputed institute. The backing of a good educational institution in this field can go a long way in providing you the necessary recognition in the fashion arena. Participating in seminars, interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical works done by professionally trained designers during your education program will be greatly helpful in providing you a fair idea of the industry and consumer expectations.

Selecting the genre of fashion: There is a lot of variety to choose from when deciding the career path in the world of fashion. Just like any other field, fashion designing too branches of into numerous subcategories with their respective specializations. Therefore, it is essential that aspiring designers invest proper time into deciding which field suits them the best. Each field requires different specializations that cater to different needs in question. Among various such fields that aspiring fashion designers can apply in are:

  • Bridal wear
  • Boys’ wear/Girls’ wear/ teenage wear
  • Fitness/ Leisure/ Sportswear wear
  • Casuals
  • Accessories
  • Costume design for movies, the advertising industry, theatres, and retailers
  • Knitwear
  • Adventure, outerwear, outdoor
  • Men’s daywear, evening wear, etc.
  • Women’s daywear and evening wear

Customer-oriented and market-oriented attitude: No matter what type of field you are in, a customer-oriented approach should always be the main focus of the business. Without the customer, there are no sales,and without any sales, there can be no profits. Therefore, customer satisfaction holds a lot of importance, and more so in the fashion design industry. The fashion design industry is a sensitive one. Due to the volatile nature of fashion, inputs from the customers are hugely important in determining the direction that a particular design may take. Even though it’s all about creativity, anything that doesn’t appeal to the customers doesn’t sell. Designing unisex apparels is another way in which profits and response can be maximized. The color combination is also essential in creating a perfect design that is visually pleasing and not too loud. Most of the trending styles we see today are of simplistic designs and not over the top. The neutral color combination is also the rage today.

As you can see, the job of a fashion designer is very important in determining the taste of society. It is the designers who keep on gifting new and unique lifestyles to the people from all the sectors of life. It is the culmination of creativity that aims at the creation of a unique lifestyle and lasting trends that mark a change in our society. Fashion is something that all people can relate to, and with a highly industry-centric course provided by us at the K.R. Mangalam University, realizing such dreams is not beyond your reach. At KRMU, recognized among the Best Colleges for Fashion Design Program in Gurgaon, we offer a degree course in Fashion Design which has been carefully crafted by experts based on the potential of the fashion industry. Students are taught and trained on the skills and knowledge of the fashion design along with the strategies to create commercially viable and acceptable fashion trends. The key idea is to enable the students to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of the fashion design industry. We, at KRMU, one of the best private universities in Gurgaon, have been consistently and dedicatedly working towards gifting the world with highly talented and skilled fashion designers.We are proud to see that the effectiveness of our measures and the program pedagogy have been proved in the excellent placements and the high pay packages that our fashion design alumni have been attaining since years.