Heartfulness Meditation Club

Heads buried in the electronic gadgets for updates on Covid-19 and a mind full of unanswered questions rationalizing all the stress in this pandemic, unkempt behaviors, and forced habits are taking a toll on our wellbeing. Behind the shut doors in the long-lived lockdown mental and physical wellbeing of everyone has reached a questionable state with all significant factors at the negligible presence that ensured the healthy growth of these individuals. With a motive to break such doors and reach out to these individuals and help them attain a balanced mindset with a view on the larger vision of life and a healthy physique, the Heartfulness Meditation Club at K.R. Mangalam University is all set to launch the weekly virtual sessions entailing lectures on life skills, relaxation, and meditation. This might be an unknown venture to many, but it guarantees a perspective and context on current global challenges and the responsibility to overcome these unnecessary obstacles in the form of habits.

It has become rare for a person to stop and admire a beautiful flower. Life has become fastand the human population is distancing itself from nature, and thus from good mental health. Just to increase the awareness about mental health, The Heartfulness Meditation Club at K R Mangalam University has started a Lecture Series on Life Skills followed by Relaxation and Meditation. Virtual Legal Aid & Services Clinic where you can consult renowned legal experts. 

The Life Skills’ sessions may include the inferences from Habits Workshop; content for the same is as follows:
  • Compounding effect of Micro Habits
  • Becoming Best Version of yourself
  • Simple Steps to create Habits
  • Making Unconscious Conscious
  • Anchoring new Habit to old one
  • Easy to change in New Environment
  • Science behind Temptations
  • Neuroscience behind Cravings and Desires
  • Genius can be taught
  • How to handle our Annoying habits


Over time, these sessions are deemed the stepping stones for individuals wrestling with the intricacies of life. While pursuing these sessions, our mentors will guide you to conceive, learn, understand and experience the significance of community through collective learning.

This is not just a venture; this is a helping hand that you can grab, associate, and see the change you attain throughout this venture. See you on Saturday at 9.00 am. To make this process hassle-free- please go through the guidelines about how you can get in touch with us to receive help & connect with stalwarts from the field without any hesitation-

  • 1 Click on the registration option at bottom of the page
  • 2 Choose the language you're comfortable with
  • 3 Fill in your details & your issue in short
  • 4 Select the weekday you want
  • 5 Recheck the data you’ve entered & submit your details
  • 6 Our team will send you the event link via mail, don’t forget to check your inbox or spam

These sessions are small efforts from our university to help you attain the healthy& balanced life style you’ve been seeking.