Legal Aid and Services Clinic

“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” – William Goldstone

The hallmark of a democratic country is the presence of an unbiased legal structure ensuring each individual's fundamental and legal rights. To make this dream come true- the support of a legal expert is necessary. However, with the current turn of events- procuring legal help is a hassle. On one side, where people cannot even consult a doctor because of Novel Coronavirus, finding legal help or lawyers is troublesome.

Realizing the moral and legal responsibility towards the society, the School of Legal Studies, K.R.Mangalam University has taken the initiative to provide virtual legal assistance to each in need. Our law students, who are inclined to provide legal services under Expert Faculties' guidance and in coordination with District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram, extend their help in whatever possible way they can. 

Approved by the Bar Council of India, the School of legal studies (SOLS), KRMU, is to nurture the budding lawyers to assist the society at large, where they can be approached by those who require legal assistance. SOLS has already organized various Legal Aid camps &Legal Awareness programs in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram, to bridge the gap between the help providers & seekers. In this pandemic, KRMU Legal Aid Committee has started an initiative by the name of Virtual Legal Aid & Services Clinic where you can consult renowned legal experts. 

KRMU Legal Aid Committee comprises experts from Legal field & Law scholars with in-depth knowledge about IPC rules & regulations.

Objectives of the Committee-

  • To provide free legal consultation & services to society.
  • To provide free-of-cost resources to handle legal services such as drafting notices, replies, legal documents, provide consultation to resolve legal dispute & more
  • To impart the education via practical training to our students to understand the necessities of the societ

With these noble goals- the Legal Aid Committee of K.R. Mangalam University aspires to lend a helping hand to everyone. 

To make this process hassle-free- please go through the guidelines about how you can get in touch with us to receive help & connect with stalwarts from the field without any hesitation-

  • 1 Click on the registration option at bottom of the page
  • 2 Choose the language you're comfortable with
  • 3 Fill in your details & your issue in short
  • 4 Select the weekday you want
  • 5 Recheck the data you’ve entered & submit your details
  • 6 Our team will send you the event link via mail, don’t forget to check your inbox or spam

These virtual sessions are small efforts from our University to help you sort your legal issues from the comfort of your home. See you on Monday & Wednesday from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM.