Innovative Teaching Pedagogy | K.R. Mangalam

Innovative Teaching Pedagogy

K.R. Mangalam University has expanded its horizons to adopt internationally-acclaimed learning and teaching tactics.

It is an advanced learning platform offering groundbreaking education wrapped in a novel thought process to build irresistible personalities who stand confidently at global frontiers. KRMU encourages students to imagine beyond the limits and bring their imagination to reality with in-depth research and innovation. It is a constant process to groom self-motivated and ambitious minds which never settle for less.

Here is how we embed the passion to excel:

Mentor-Mentee Programme

Unbiased guidance from experienced thought leaders is paramount to navigate students efficiently to achieve what they want. Mentors at KRMU indulge with the mentee to identify their aspirations, learning requirements, and interests individually. The system strengthens the bond between teachers and students while helping teach and learn at their own pace.

Industry Connect

Industry Connect is an integral part of the curriculum at K.R. Mangalam University.

It gives industry exposure to the learners, allowing them to implement their theoretical skills to the on-ground industrial problems. Students get the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and learn about organisational structure and operations.

The practice facilitates learners to undertake projects and research in their field of interest. Industry connect program develops a symbiotic relationship between academics and industry.

Community Connect

Being a socially responsible educational institute, KRMU considers community connect a primary component of its academic system.

It encourages students to undertake research projects on social tribulations and resolve them using their knowledge and skills. The key objective of this program is to allow students to contribute responsibly and meaningfully to society for a mutually benefited co-existence.

Smart Ashram

KRMU is a synonym for educational innovation. Justifying its offerings, the university is coming up with the concept of Smart Ashram on the campus.

Smart Ashram will be an exploration and research centre for budding entrepreneurs, innovators, and scholars who enjoy learning in a cross-disciplinary environment.

Well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and industry-oriented resources, the lab lets students experiment and acquire specialized skills with real-world acumen.

Engineering Kitchen

The Engineering Kitchen at KRMU is a place where engineering students can discover inventive concepts using high-tech apparatus and unconventional thought processes.