Fashion Show

The Fashion Design department of the School of Architecture and Design recently participated in a Fashion Show organized by the World Designing Forum in collaboration with the Agra Development Authority. During the event, our talented students showcased their garments, which beautifully portrayed the history of Indian fashion. The show was attended by esteemed designers and celebrities such as Nehal Chaudasama, Rina Dhaka, and Sabyasachi Satpathy. The dedication, passion, and hard work of our budding designers from K R Mangalam University were evident in their mesmerizing collection, inspired by the rich tapestry of fashion history. On Day 1, our young designers embarked on an exciting journey, exploring the annals of fashion history and discovering iconic trends and pioneering individuals who have influenced this incredible industry. On Day 2, the students presented a captivating display of India’s remarkable crafts, including Madhu Bani, Sujani, Kutch Embroidery, and Gotta Patti. These crafts go beyond artistic expression; they serve as profound reflections of our cultural identity and honor the skilled artisans who have dedicatedly preserved these traditions. An appreciation award is given to the KR Mangalam University.