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Where Words Create Waves
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Welcome to the School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC), where the art of storytelling meets the impact of media. At SJMC, we’re passionate about cultivating the next generation of communicators who can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of journalism, broadcasting, and mass communication. Our experienced faculty members bring real-world insights to the classroom, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the dynamic field of media.

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The School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC) is a dynamic hub of media innovation and storytelling excellence. Here, students harness the power of communication in a digital age, guided by expert faculty. Our AV Studio, Production Control Room, Radio Lab, and Computer Lab provide the latest tools and technology for hands-on learning.

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In contrast to traditional journalism and mass communication programmes, the School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC) redefines media education. We prioritize practical, hands-on experience over theoretical learning alone. 

Our students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities such as the AV Studio, Production Control Room, Radio Lab, and Computer Lab, where they gain real-world skills and industry insights. We believe that the best communicators are those who can adapt to the fast-paced media landscape, and at SJMC, we empower our graduates to be versatile and innovative media professionals.

School of Journalism & Mass Comm
is Not Your Ordinary Journalism School

Traditional College

  • Curriculum Design:

  • Faculty:

  • Teaching Methodology:

  • Innovation Ecosystem:

  • Success Metrics:

  • Holistic Development:

  • Global Opportunities:

Traditional College

  • Standardized

  • No guidance from expertd

  • Lecture based system

  • Limited

  • Placement

  • Academic

  • Limited oppurtunities

SJMC (School of Journalism & Mass Communication)

  • Industry aligned and regularly updated syllabus as per upcoming amendments.

  • Guidance from acclaimed academicians and famed journalists

  • Theory, case study and practical exposure based

  • Interdisciplinary Approach, Simulation Exercises

  • Higher Studies, Alumini, Internship exposure, Workshops

  • Professional Skills and Ethics
    Experiential Learning
    Academic Excellence

  • Research Projects, collaborative efforts etc.



Discover what our satisfied students and alumni have to say about their transformative experiences at KRMU

Poorvi Sapra


I don't have access to specific testimonials for B.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication) at KR Mangalam University, as my training only includes information available up to January 2022. However, I can help you create hypothetical testimonials based on common themes and experiences associated with journalism and mass communication programs.



"I am thrilled to express my heartfelt gratitude to KR Mangalam University for providing an exceptional learning experience through their B.A. program in Journalism and Mass Communication. The journey has been nothing short of transformative, and I am genuinely grateful for the knowledge, skills, and opportunities I gained during my time at this esteemed institution.



My viewpoint on mass communication has been refined and my journalistic abilities have improved greatly thanks to the faculty's guidance and encouragement. The curriculum promotes ethical journalism, critical thinking, and the growth of a distinctive journalistic voice.



K.R. Mangalam University is genuinely unique due to its emphasis on fostering ethical journalism and critical thinking. Investigative reporting, media ethics, and journalists' social responsibilities are all encouraged to be thoroughly explored in this programme. As a result, I now have a broader perspective and a greater feeling of accountability as a communicator in the digital age.

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Welcome to the School of Journalism
& Mass Communication!

School of Journalism and Communication (SJMC) starts with the objective of better than the best in the field of communication, research and media innovation. It desires to not just teach, but also to mould and create journalism aspirants. SJMC wishes to see every aspirant as a creative thinker and a motivator for change.

Considering today’s fast growing media industry, school is offering several media courses designed for young and dynamic students who desire to make a mark in the field of communication. SJMC aims to be a holistic production based school for every journalism and communication aspirant.

The school is composed of talented professionals and intellectuals with excellent reputation as teachers. The school focuses on the innovative production and critical consumption of a range of moving-image media. Rich and industry oriented curriculum with state-of-the-art media laboratories is matched with an extensive co-curricular programme that includes opportunities to participate in on-campus media productions and projects.

Dr. Neeraj Khatri

Professor – Dean

Faculty at SJMC

  • Dr. Neeraj Khattri


    Professor & Dean

  • Dr. Sarina

    Ph.D in Journalism & Mass Comm.

    Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Ritwik Ghosh

    Ph.D (Pursuing)

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Gauri Joshi Belwal


    Assistant Professor


Events at School of Journalism and Mass Communication serve as vital platforms for professionals, students, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and delve into the dynamic landscape of media and communication. These events span a spectrum of activities, from conferences and workshops to seminars and panel discussions, featuring prominent figures in the field. Attendees gain insights into emerging trends, technological advancements, and the evolving role of media in society.