Seminar on Student Investment Fund

K.R. Mangalam Investment Club organized a seminar on the topic “Introduction to KIC and Student Investment Fund.” The aim of the seminar was to create awareness among students about the activities of the club and the functioning of the student investment fund. The seminar began with an introduction by Mr. Ritesh Nimker, who is an experienced finance professional and a member of the investment club, provided an overview of the club’s goals and objectives, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy among students. Dr. Divya Singh, a renowned expert in finance delved into the various investment strategies employed by the club and highlighted the potential benefits and risks associated with investing. Dr. Pushpendra Singh, the faculty advisor of the club, presented the concept of the student investment fund. He explained how the fund operates and how students can contribute to its growth. The seminar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where students had the opportunity to clarify their doubts and seek further information.

Overall, the seminar was a great success, with students gaining valuable knowledge about the K.R. Mangalam Investment Club and the student investment fund.