B.Tech. CSE (AI & ML) with academic support of Samatrix & IBM

Coding Intelligence, Shaping Tomorrow with Samatrix and IBM


    This unique programme offers a deep dive into the world of AI and ML, two of the most transformative technologies in the modern era. Students gain not only a strong foundation in core computer science principles but also specialized knowledge in AI and ML, delivered through a curriculum co-designed with industry leaders Samatrix and IBM.

    Programme Highlights

    • The curriculum of B Tech in AI and ML is specifically designed in consultation with industry insiders and experts from IBM and Samatrix
    • Consistent mentoring by acclaimed academicians and top industry experts
    • Highly sophisticated laboratories equipped with cutting-edge tech apparatus and softwares
    • Futuristic engineering kitchen and research units
    • Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center and Design Thinking Lab, designed to nurture innovative startup ideas
    • Realistic hands-on training for absolute excellence
    • Ensuring absolute preparedness for successful career progression
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies.
    • 600 + Journal articles in Scopus and WoS, 100+ Published Patents and highly research driven infrastructure.
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks summer school at a Prestigious European university

    Learn with Imarticus Learning

    IBM is one of the leaders in Artificial Intelligence solution providers around the globe and has been changing the architecture of the AI world since its inception.

    Utilize IBM's tools and techniques for comprehensive data analysis, enabling informed decision-making.

    Gain practical experience working with enterprise software in the university's IBM LAB, preparing for real-world scenarios.

    Engage in hands-on sessions and real-time case studies, honing practical skills under industry experts' guidance.

    Learn with Imarticus Learning

    Samatrix consulting is a leading technology solution and training provider in India. For technical solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain led by IIT & IIM alumni with rich corporate experience of over 20 years.

    Regular lectures by industry and Samatrix Experts

    Bring the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning through state-of-the-art solutions and algorithms

    Opportunity to work on Industry relevant projects on regression, tree, support vector machines, and deep learning

    Why choose SOET?

    Elevating Minds in AI and Machine Learning

    highly qualified, competent, and committed faculty pave the way for students to become pioneers in the dynamic fields.

    Fusion of Industry and Intelligence

    Our curriculum boasts collaborations and training led by industry experts.

    Global Excellence in AI and ML

    cutting-edge curriculum meticulously crafted by amalgamating best practices from top global universities.

    Shaping Futures through AI and ML

    Our curriculum emphasizes learning through practical experiences, with a focus on project-based learning, field projects etc.

    Global Careers in AI and Machine Learning

    Our emphasis extends beyond education to career growth, prioritizing training, placements, international internships, and preparation for advanced studies, ensuring our students are globally competitive in AI and Machine Learning.

    Discovering the Foundations

    of AI & ML Innovation

    The B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at K.R. Mangalam University, supported academically by Samatrix and IBM, is carefully crafted to offer an extensive and varied curriculum. This programme delves deeply into the intricate realms of AI and ML, reflecting the multifaceted and dynamic nature of today’s advanced computing and technological landscapes.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Engineering Calculus
    • Clean Coding with Python
    • Engineering Physics / Engineering Chemistry
    • Engineering Drawing & Workshop Lab
    • Clean Coding with Python Lab
    • Engineering Physics lab / Engineering Chemistry Lab
    • Value-Added Course
    • Data Visualization using PowerBI
    • Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Engineering Chemistry / Engineering Physics
    • Overview of AI, Data Science, Ethics and Foundation of Data Analysis
    • Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Engineering Chemistry Lab/Engineering Physics Lab
    • Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
    • Overview of AI, Data Science, Ethics and Foundation of Data Analysis Lab
    • Value-Added Course
    • Open Elective
    • Minor Project
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Data Structures
    • Java Programming
    • Data Structures Lab
    • Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning with Python Lab
    • Java Programming Lab
    • Life Skills for Professionals-I
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
    • Database Management Systems
    • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    • Analysis and Design of Algorithms Lab
    • Database Management Systems Lab
    • Machine Learning Practical with Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow
    • R Programming for Data Science and Data Analytics Lab
    • Life Skills for Professionals-II
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Minor Project
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Theory of Computation
    • Operating Systems
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark
    • Big Data Analysis Lab
    • Natural Language Processing Lab
    • Data Science - Tools and Techniques Lab
    • Operating System Lab
    • Life Skills for Professionals-III
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Computer Organization & Architecture
    • Discipline Specific Elective-I
      • Image Processing & Computer Vision OR
      • Introduction to Generative AI OR
      • Transfer Learning
    • Computer Networks
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    • Computer Networks Lab
    • Deep Learning Practical with Python, TensorFlow and Keras
    • Discipline Specific Elective Lab -I
      • Image Processing & Computer Vision Lab OR
      • Introduction to Generative AI Lab OR
      • Transfer Learning Lab
    • Competitive Coding Lab
    • Minor Project
    Semester 7
    Semester 8
    • Discipline Specific Elective-II
      • Secure Coding and Vulnerabilities OR
      • Cyber Crime Investigation & Digital Forensics OR
      • AI in Cyber Security OR
      • Social Media Security
    • Discipline Specific Elective-III
      • Mobile Application Development using iOS OR
      • DevOps & Automation OR
      • .Net FRAMEWORK OR
      • New Age Programming Languages
    • Discipline Specific Elective-II Lab
      • Secure Coding and Vulnerabilities Lab OR
      • Cyber Crime Investigation & Digital Forensics Lab OR
      • AI in Cyber Security Lab OR
      • Social Media Security Lab
    • Discipline Specific Elective-III Lab
      • Mobile Application Development using iOS Lab OR
      • DevOps & Automation Lab OR
      • .Net FRAMEWORK Lab OR
      • New Age Programming Languages Lab
    • Minor Project

    *Student has the option to pursue Full Time Internship from Industry in lieu of subjects in 7th semester

    • Industrial Project/R&D Project/Start-up Project

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At KRMU, we are honored to collaborate with renowned industry giants such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Service, and Accenture for our engineering students. These esteemed companies actively participate in our campus recruitment drives, offering our students exceptional career opportunities in the fields of AI and ML.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, bolstered by academic support from Samatrix and IBM, paves the way for diverse and stimulating career paths in the tech realm. Graduates of this programme are armed with deep knowledge and practical skills, ready to excel in various dynamic sectors. Here are five prominent career trajectories available, among many others:

    • AI/ML Software Developer: Excel in crafting and developing innovative AI and ML-driven software solutions, shaping the future of intelligent applications and systems.
    • AI Data Scientist: Propel advancements by interpreting complex datasets using AI and ML algorithms, influencing key decisions and strategies.
    • AI Cybersecurity Analyst: Safeguard critical data and infrastructures from cyber threats by leveraging AI-enhanced security measures, ensuring robust data protection and system integrity.
    • AI/ML Systems Engineer: Take the lead in developing and implementing groundbreaking AI and ML technologies, driving forward the frontiers of tech innovation.
    • AI/ML IT Consultant: Offer specialized consultation and strategic solutions in AI and ML, aiding businesses to harness these technologies for optimal growth and performance.

    Hear straight from our Students


    Hi! I'm a student of B.Tech. CSE from K.R. Mangalam University with a specialization in AI & ML at K.R. Mangalam University. The excellent academics and well-rounded coursework give students a solid foundation in AI and ML. Under the direction of IBM and Samatrix specialists, we are receiving training.


    I had high expectations for my BTech CSE Al-ML course, but I have to say it has exceeded them every single time. This course has changed my life. It has given me a strong grounding in both computer science as well as the emerging field of AI and machine learning.

    Tannu Rana

    The course material is well-balanced, covering both the foundational ideas of computer science and the complexities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. My ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical tasks was enhanced by the hands-on approach to learning, which also helped me get ready for the difficulties of the quickly changing IT business.

    Maanav Aaditya

    To guarantee that we are knowledgeable about the tools utilized in practical AI and ML applications, the course also includes industry-relevant tools and technology. By bridging the knowledge gap between academia and industry expectations, the inclusion of guest lectures from professionals in the field offered insightful perspectives on current trends and issues in the field.


    • Engineering knowledge

      Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.


    • Problem analysis

      Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.


    • Design/development of solutions

      Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.


    • Conduct investigations of complex problems

      Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


    • Modern tool usage

      Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.