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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four and half year long bachelor’s program offered by the School of Medical and Allied Sciences at K.R. Mangalam University. Considered as one of the best Physiotherapy colleges in Haryana, the BPT program aims to train the students in providing quality physiotherapy care to every patient and equip them to pursue higher education and specialize in the different categories.

The graduate program in Physiotherapy K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon, provides an innovative education focused on clinical skills and evidence-based practice, enabling students to explore their strengths and interests.

Students get to learn under the supervision of highly adept and experienced faculty teams developing the skills they need to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills required for the profession. The curriculum focuses on hands-on experience and learning, covering fundamentals and all significant areas of specializations. Practical lessons are included to ensure students get hands-on experience and exposure to correct diagnosis and how to treat it.

Programme Highlights:

  • State of the art infrastructure and laboratories.
  • In campus Physiotherapy OPD.
  • Clinical visits and orientation start from first year.
  • Clinical training, postings and internships at reputed multi-specialty hospitals .
  • Practical hands-on & Project Oriented program .
  • Soft skills, personality development and mentorship programs from first semester for overall development of students .

Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
Human Anatomy-I 3
Human Physiology-I 4
Biochemistry 3
Sociology 3
Information Technology Fundamentals 3
Introduction to Physiotherapy-I 2
Communication Skills 4
Human Anatomy-I Lab 2
Human Physiology-I Lab 1
Introduction to Physiotherapy-I Lab 1
Information Technology Fundamentals Lab 1
Semester 2
Course Title Credit
Human Anatomy-II 4
Human Anatomy-II Lab 2
Human Physiology-II 4
Human Physiology-II Lab 1
Introduction to Physiotherapy-II 3
Introduction to Physiotherapy-II Lab 1
Medical Terminology and Record Keeping 2
Psychology 4
Clinical Observation 2
Introduction to Emergency and Patient Care 2
Introduction to Emergency and Patient Care Lab 1
Environmental Studies 3
Semester 3
Course Title Credit
Biomechanics and Kinesiology-I 4
Biomechanics and Kinesiology-I Lab 1
Exercise Therapy-I 3
Exercise Therapy-I Lab 1
Electrotherapy-I 3
Electrotherapy-I Lab 1
Pathology 4
Microbiology 3
Pharmacology 4
Clinical Education-I 2
Disaster Management 3
Semester 4
Course Title Credit
Biomechanics and Kinesiology-II 4
Exercise Therapy-II 4
Electrotherapy-II 4
Professional Ethics and Laws 2
Biomechanics and Kinesiology-II Lab 1
Exercise Therapy-II Lab 2
Electrotherapy-II Lab 2
Clinical Education-II 2
Semester 5
Course Title Credit
Orthopaedics 4
General Medicine 4
General Surgery 4
Assessment and Evaluation 3
Diagnostic Imaging for Physiotherapists 2
Assessment and Evaluation Lab 1
Clinical Education-III 6
Semester 6
Course Title Credit
Neurology and Neurosurgery 4
Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics and Sports 4
Physiotherapy in Medical and Surgical Conditions 4
Community Medicine 3
Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics and Sports Lab 1
Physiotherapy in Medical and Surgical Conditions Lab 1
Clinical Education-IV 6
Semester 7
Course Title Credit
Physiotherapy in Neurological Conditions 4
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Conditions 4
Research Methodology and Biostatistics 4
Health Promotion and Fitness 3
Management and Leadership 2
Physiotherapy in Neurological Conditions Lab 1
Clinical Education-V 6
Semester 8
Course Title Credit
Physiotherapy in cardiovascular, pulmonary and intensive care 4
Community Physiotherapy 4
Clinical Reasoning and Evidence Based Physiotherapy 3
Administration and Teaching Skills 2
Physiotherapy in cardiovascular, pulmonary and intensive care Lab 1
Community Physiotherapy Lab 1
Research Project 2
Clinical Education-VI 6

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should have passed in 10+2 examination (with minimum 50% marks) conducted by the respective state/central government authorities recognized as equivalent to 10+2 examination by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)/ Open School education system of the Central Government / State Governments with English as one of the subjects and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (P.C.M) and or Biology (P.C.B / P.C.M.B.) as optional subjects individually. Any other qualification approved by the Pharmacy Council of India or equivalent to any of the above examinations provided that a student should complete the age of 17 years on or before 31 December of the year of admission to the course.

Career Options

  • Super-specialty Hospitals
  • Government Organizations
  • Foreign Employment


4.5 Years

Fees Structure

  • Semester-I
  • Semester-II
  • Total Fee

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