Life @ KRMU

K.R. Mangalam University is a leading name in the education sector, recognised for delivering a holistic blend of academic brilliance and pioneering teaching concepts.

Sports Club

In consensus with the ‘Fit Indian Movement’ KRMU believes that Healthy youth will lead a healthy nation. For the holistic development of the students, K.R. Mangalam University has built excellent infrastructure to harness the potential of the youth in cultural and sports activities.

Students club and society

KRMU offers a vibrant campus life to the students and the faculty. From cultural events to scientific experiments, from robotic developments to artistic strokes, apprentices at KRMU keep their enthusiasm high and deliver impeccable participation in all the activities.

Industry Connect

Industry Connect is an integral part of the curriculum at K.R. Mangalam University.

It gives industry exposure to the learners, allowing them to implement their theoretical skills to the on-ground industrial problems. Students get the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and learn about organisational structure and operations.

The practice facilitates learners to undertake projects and research in their field of interest. Industry connect program develops a symbiotic relationship between academics and industry.

Community Connect

Being a socially responsible educational institute, KRMU considers community connect a primary component of its academic system.

It encourages students to undertake research projects on social tribulations and resolve them using their knowledge and skills.

The key objective of this program is to allow students to contribute responsibly and meaningfully to society for a mutually benefited co-existence.

Mentor-Mentee Programme

Unbiased guidance from experienced thought leaders is paramount to navigate students efficiently to achieve what they want. Mentors at KRMU indulge with the mentee to identify their aspirations, learning requirements, and interests individually. The system strengthens the bond between teachers and students while helping teach and learn at their own pace.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India.

Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhi Ji's Centenary year, 1969.

It allows young students to participate in various government-led community service activities & programmes. The objective of KRMU-NSS is to develop responsible personalities through community service. The programme aims to promote social welfare in students to serve society equally. NSS volunteers work closely with villagers and learn to live satisfactorily with limited resources. They also assist villagers with essential commodities such as food, clothing, and first-aid facilities during uncertainties. Under NSS, volunteers help the deprived section of society raise their living standard to live with dignity.

School Contact Programme

The students of the School of Education have been devoting five working days at different government and private schools for the last four years.

The program aims at the holistic development of the pupil-teacher by delivering hands-on teaching experience and the opportunity to manage students with different IQ levels.

Financial and Legal-aid Camp

School of Legal Studies conducts Legal Aid Camps along with the students to strengthen society by providing a legal platform to the villagers.

Health Camps

KRMU-NSS frequently organises blood camps in collaboration with societies such as the Red Cross Society and Rotary Blood Bank the Health society. Students learn about the benefits of donating blood and gain motivation to contribute to the noble cause through such camps.

Students’ Achievement

KRMU’s students exhibit unparalleled talent in academic and non-academic arenas at every event. It is an honour for the university to share the unprecedented achievements of its learners across industries on national and global fronts.