B.A. (Hons.) Political Science

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    Our B.A. (Hons. ) Political Science programme apart is the commitment to nurturing independent research capabilities. Students are encouraged to actively engage in research projects, collaborate with faculty on groundbreaking studies, and present their findings at national and international conferences. Whether your aspiration is to become a political analyst, diplomat, policymaker, or academic scholar, this programme equips you with the knowledge, research skills, and intellectual acumen needed to excel.

    Programme Highlights

    • Advanced curriculum that blends classical political theory with contemporary issues.
    • Students can explore interdisciplinary connections in the fields of international relations, economics, sociology, and law.
    • Internships with top research organizations, and government agencies, combined with simulations of diplomatic negotiations, policy debates, and community engagement.
    • Professional development workshops, networking events, and guest lectures featuring prominent scholars and practitioners.
    • Preparation for Competitive Exam for Banking, Insurance, Railways, and SSC
    • Training by acclaimed academicians and scholars
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university.
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies

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    Learn with

    International Business Machines (IBM) is one of the leaders in Artificial Intelligence solution providers around the globe and has been changing the architecture of the Al world since its inception.

    Learn and Grow with IBM Experts from Day One

    Working at IBM Big Data Analytics Lab for real-world exposure to industry- relevant case studies

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    Why choose SOET?

    Securing Excellence with Expert Guidance

    Our professionally qualified, dedicated educators cultivate cybersecurity expertise, ensuring students are guided by seasoned professionals in the dynamic field of Cyber Security.

    Empowering Cybersecurity Prowess

    Our curriculum is fortified with industry collaborations, including EC-Council for international certifications and training by certified industry experts, guaranteeing students a cutting-edge education in Cyber Security.

    Cyber Security: A Global Perspective

    Our meticulously crafted curriculum seamlessly merges best practices from top global universities and knowledge resources from the Open-Source Society University, offering students an innovative education that reflects the latest developments in Cyber Security.

    Hands-On Cybersecurity Mastery

    Our emphasis on hands-on training, project-based learning, internships, Competitive Coding, and continuous comprehensive evaluation ensures practical skills and real-world application take center stage in our Cyber Security curriculum.

    Crafting Cybersecurity Professionals

    Offering opportunities for Industrial/R&D/Start-up projects and compulsory industry internships in the final year, our program empowers students to become the future leaders of the Cyber Security landscape.

    Guiding Cybersecurity Careers

    Our focus extends beyond education to career progression, providing training, placements, foreign internships, and preparation for higher studies, ensuring our students are well-equipped for leadership roles in the Cyber Security domain.

    Exploring the Foundations of

    Political Excellence

    We have meticulously crafted a curriculum that mirrors the dynamic political landscapes our graduates will engage with. The programme structure seamlessly integrates fundamental political theories and contemporary global developments, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-thinking educational experience. This fusion of academic rigor and real-world relevance guarantees a holistic understanding of the complexities of political science and governance.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Constitutional Government and Democracy in India​​
    • Introduction to Political Theory – I
    • International Relations – Overview, Concepts, and Challenges
    • Minor-I
    • New Age Life Skills-I
    • Microsoft Excel-Refresher to Advanced
    • Value-Added Course
    • Introduction to Political Theory – II
    • Political Process and Governance in India
    • Understanding Peace and Conflict Resolution
    • Minor-II
    • New Age Life Skills-II
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Nationalism in India
    • Comparative Government and Politics
    • Minor-III
    • New Age Life Skills-III
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Women, Power and Politics-A Global Perspective
    • Global Politics and Rise of Asian Century
    • Politics and Problems of Globalisation
    • Minor-IV
    • Digital Marketing
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Indian Political Thought
    • Public Administration-Concepts and Debates
    • Your Laws, Your Rights
    • Minor-V
    • Gandhian Philosophy in the Contemporary World
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Public Policy in India-Perspectives and Challenges
    • Western Political Thought
    • Indian Foreign Policy-Evolution and Changing Dynamics
    • Minor-VI
    • Politics of Human Rights
    • Basics of Artificial Intelligence

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At KRMU, we take great pride in fostering collaborations with a distinguished range of organizations and institutions. Our partnerships with leading governmental bodies, HCL, CPA Global, Oyo, Paytm, Magic Meters, research organizations, policy think tanks, and diplomatic missions actively participate in our campus recruitment initiatives for the B.A. (Hons.) Political Science programme. These collaborations offer invaluable opportunities for our students to connect with potential employers and embark on their journeys toward impactful careers in the field of politics and governance.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our B.A. (Hons.) Political Science programme opens the door to a wide array of exciting career opportunities in the realm of politics, governance, and global affairs. Graduates from this programme are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in various dynamic fields. Below, we highlight five key career paths, while acknowledging that there are numerous other rewarding opportunities available:

    • Policy Analyst: Master the art of analyzing political policies, crafting innovative solutions, and influencing government decisions.
    • Political Researcher: Drive progress by conducting in-depth research on complex political issues to inform policymaking and strategic planning.
    • International Relations Specialist: Protect vital diplomatic relations and promote global cooperation, ensuring stability and security on the international stage.
    • Political Consultant: Lead the charge in providing expert political advice and solutions to political parties and candidates, shaping the future of governance.
    • Public Affairs Manager: Provide expert guidance on public affairs strategies, helping organizations navigate political landscapes for growth and efficiency.

    Hear straight from our Students

    Abhishek Rawat

    The additional training and seminars provided by government recruiting professionals were beneficial. They gave insights on test patterns, time management tactics, and critical thinking abilities required for success in these difficult exams.

    Anushka batra

    This curriculum is distinguished by its comprehensive approach to competitive test preparation. The courses were designed to cover the syllabuses of several government exams, including those for banking, insurance, railroads, and the SSC. This dual emphasis enabled me to apply what I learned in political science directly to competitive test preparation, making my studies more efficient and unified.

    Nalla Vatsalya

    The political science curriculum was comprehensive and informative, including topics ranging from political theory and international relations to public administration and policy analysis. The teaching members were not just skilled in their disciplines, but also extremely helpful, frequently going above and beyond to ensure we comprehended complicated concepts and theories.

    Payal Arora

    As a recent graduate of the B.A. (Hons.) Political Science programme, which includes specialized preparation for various competitive exams, I am extremely grateful for the thorough education and training I received." This curriculum is unusual in that it not only provides students with an in-depth study of political science, but it also prepares students to thrive in competitive tests for government professions.

    Programme Outcomes

    • Disciplinary knowledge

      Foundational knowledge of Political Science and a thorough grasp of the theoretical and applied aspects of the discipline.


    • Communication Skills

      Ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally, the ability to listen carefully, and present complex information in a clear and concise manner to people from diverse backgrounds in diverse contexts.


    • Multicultural competence

      An awareness pertaining to the values and beliefs of multiple cultures and identities; to augment oneself to effectively engage in a multicultural society and interact in a receptive and open- minded approach with diverse communities and groups.


    • Reflective thinking

      Critical sensibility to lived experiences, and an awareness of how one’s position as a researcher/investigator shapes and impacts the knowledge one produces.


    • Policy Making

      Ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding the relationship between policies and its implications on society.


    • Research-related skills

      A sense of inquiry and a capacity for asking relevant and appropriate questions and for problematizing and the ability to plan, design, and execute research and investigations and concisely report the results thereof.


    • Critical thinking

      Capacity to evaluate evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs with independence and originality, and to assess practices, policies and theories unhindered by the influence of schools of thought considered trendy or fashionable.


    • To cultivate a comprehensive knowledge of political events, processes, and developments, and to acquaint with the basic normative and contemporary concepts and ideas of Political Science and Theory; to assess the contribution of key Indian and Western political thinkers, theories and their relevance to contemporary times.


    • To familiarise with the legal and philosophical framework of the political system in India, and simultaneously study in detail the political structure both Constitutional and Administrative including Public and Local Administration.


    • To provide comprehensive introduction to the most important multilateral political organisation in ‘International Relations’ along with the various issues in recent (and in past) world politics viz, human rights, environmental issues, climate change, foreign policies and so on.


    • To learn how to study the major political systems of the world by adopting a comparative and contemporary approach. Furthermore, to understand the contemporary issues of gender power relations, roles in private and public spaces.


    • To enhance their analytical skills, critical thinking, so that students will critically evaluate political events, evidence, theories, and interpretations, enabling them to discern biases, assess source reliability, and construct wellreasoned arguments.


    • To encourage critical thinking, students will engage with contemporary debates, challenge conventional narratives, and develop nuanced perspectives by analysing societal issues, problems from multiple angles and evaluating different interpretations.


    • To foster research proficiency, students will learn to conduct independent investigations using primary and secondary sources, employing diverse methodologies and utilising appropriate tools and technologies for research inquiry, in accordance with the subject.


    • To promote effective communication and presentation skills, students will learn to articulate complex the subject ideas (‘politics’) and arguments through well-structured essays, reports, and presentations, tailored to diverse audiences.


    • To instill ethical awareness, students will develop a thoughtful understanding of societal bias, cultural diversity, and the ethical responsibilities of a political scientist, recognising the impact and implications of historical research on contemporary society.


    • To instil in student-teachers a commitment to professional ethics and values, and to prepare them to be responsible and ethical educators.


    • Additionally, to equip student-teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to create a positive and inclusive learning environment, and to effectively manage classroom behaviour.


    • To foster in student-teachers an appreciation for equity, justice, gender equality, subaltern studies, intersectionality, diversity, marginalised communities’ rights and entitlements, and multiculturalism.


    • Understanding of the subject in the domain of political theory and philosophy, Indian politics, comparative politics, public administration and international politics.


    • Comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge by emphasizing interlinkages between various political, economic and social issues and challenges.


    • Generation of socially-informed knowledge and cater to the educational upliftment of marginalized communities making them alert to instances of discrimination and deprivation; difference and diversity.


    • Training in theoretically rich and empirically grounded knowledge and inculcation of problem-solving techniques.


    • Development of the overall personality of students as critical thinkers and researchers and scholars.


    • Inculcation of the values of tolerance, progressiveness and fraternity that contributes towards the making of a healthy and prosperous society.


    • Development of adequate skills in academic writing which includes writing logically and coherently on societal issues.


    • Equipping students on how to transit from the level of policy to the practice of politics and vice versa.


    • Extensive understanding of International Relations and Global Politics.


    • Learning about the concepts of organisation and management and their application relevant to unravelling the intricacies of large public organizations and corporate bodies.


    • Gaining employment and engagement in diverse sectors such as academics, journalism, law, social work, government agencies and research organisations, human resource development, management, and marketing bureaucracy.


    Financial Assistance

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    MBA Degree

    100% Sponsored MBA for Outstanding Undergraduates

    KRMU takes pride in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. To honor and encourage academic excellence, we offer a distinctive sponsorship scheme: Exceptional undergraduates have the opportunity to pursue an MBA at KRMU with 100% sponsorship. This initiative is our commitment to investing in the bright minds that have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements during their undergraduate studies.

    Embark on an MBA journey without financial constraints and unlock your full potential. At KRMU, we provide more than just an education; we offer a pathway to excellence and success in the business world. Seize this opportunity to transform your academic prowess into a thriving career.

    • The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at KRMU and needs to score more than 8.0 CGPA

    • The student must have 75% or more attendance during the whole course period

    • Students must clear all of the papers/exams across the tenure in the first attempt

    • The student should not have any disciplinary charges against him/her during the whole period of their undergraduate degree

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Certainly, the programme integrates practical learning through research projects, internships, policy analysis assignments, and active participation in political events, providing hands-on experience in the field of political science and governance.

    Graduates can pursue advanced studies such as an M.A. or Ph.D. in Political Science, enroll in specialized courses in public policy, international relations, or pursue postgraduate degrees in related fields to deepen their expertise.

    The university encourages student research by facilitating access to extensive political science resources, offering faculty mentorship, and supporting participation in conferences and seminars focused on political analysis and policy studies.

    The programme utilizes various teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, policy discussions, case studies, and research projects, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of political theories and practical governance challenges.
    The curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate the latest political developments, international relations dynamics, and policy changes, ensuring that students are well-informed about the ever-evolving political environment.

    Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as debates, Model United Nations (MUN) simulations, policy forums, and internships with political organizations, providing them with opportunities for practical application and skill development.

    Yes, students are actively encouraged to engage in various national and international political conferences, seminars, and diplomatic forums, offering them exposure to current global affairs, networking opportunities, and insights from experts in the field of politics and governance.

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