BBA (Business Intelligence & Analytics) with academic support of Samatrix and IBM

Empowering Futures with Data BBA in BI & Analytics


    Our BBA programme has been carefully designed to give students a thorough understanding of analytics and business intelligence. Immersion in the fields of data gathering, analysis, interpretation, and visualization will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make well-informed decisions that propel company success. With support from Samatrix and IBM, as well as access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies, you’ll be ready to take the lead in the data-driven era.

    Programme Highlights

    • The curriculum is specifically designed in consultation with top business leaders
    • The curriculum integrates real-world industry practices and includes faculty from major corporations such as Samatrix and IBM.
    • Regular Industry visits, conferences, and engagement in live-projects
    • Students acquire experience with key industry tools like SAS, Tableau, and R, preparing them for technical roles in business analytics.
    • Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center and Design Thinking Lab, designed to nurture innovative startup ideas
    • The programme strongly emphasises students developing entrepreneurial skills and business management expertise.
    • Attend Live Projects with multiple well-known companies for experiential learning
    • Attend specialized classes for GMAT, IELTS, GRE and TOEFL to prepare for admission to international universities.
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies.

    Learn with Imarticus Learning

    Samatrix consulting is a leading technology solution and training provider in India. For technical solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain led by IIT & IIM alumni with rich corporate experience of over 20 years.

    Regular lectures by industry and Samatrix Experts

    Bring the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning through state-of-the-art solutions and algorithms

    Opportunity to work on Industry relevant projects on regression, tree, support vector machines, and deep learning

    Learn with Imarticus Learning

    IBM is one of the leaders in Artificial Intelligence solution providers around the globe and has been changing the architecture of the AI world since its inception.

    Harness the power of predictive analytics to anticipate market trends and make informed strategic decisions.

    Utilize data-driven approaches in human resources analysis, optimizing talent management strategies for organizational success.

    Earn digital badges, certifications, and globally recognized credentials from IBM, showcasing your expertise to potential employers.

    Charting Success

    through Insights

    Our BBA programme with a specialization in Business Intelligence & Analytics, enriched by academic support from industry leaders Samatrix and IBM, offers a comprehensive educational journey that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Over the course of your study, you will explore various aspects of business intelligence and analytics, equipping you for a successful career in this data-centric field.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Management Thought and Applications
    • Business Application Of Economics
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
    • Minor I
    • Office Management & Secretarial Practice
    • Value-Added Course
    • Human Behaviour At Work
    • Marketing For Contemporary Business
    • Statistics & Computational Data Analysis
    • Minor II
    • Open Elective
    • MS Excel for Business
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Human Capital Management
    • Machine Learning For Business
    • Minor III
    • Open Elective
    • Life Skills for Leaders I
    • Critical and Design Thinking
    • Extension Activities
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Research Methodology For Business
    • Strategy and Consumer Behavior Analytics-Product wise & Finance Analytics
    • Minor IV
    • Open Elective
    • Life Skills for Leaders II
    • Business Intelligence Tools
    • Value Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Strategic Orientation For Business
    • Business Mathematics
    • Data Visualization
    • Minor V
    • Life Skills for Leaders III
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Laws Governing Companies In India
    • Ethics, Values & Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Case Studies and Projects
    • Risk & Fraud Analytics, Supply Chain
    • Minor VI

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At K.R. Mangalam University, our BBA program with a specialization in Business Intelligence & Analytics stands out for its strong industry partnerships and remarkable placement track record. We take immense pride in our collaborations with leading corporations and data-driven organizations, which actively engage in our campus recruitment initiatives. Esteemed companies such as IBM, Samatrix Solutions, Data Insights Group, and AnalytixPro are regular participants in our placement sessions.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our BBA programme with a specialization in Business Intelligence & Analytics at K.R. Mangalam University opens doors to a diverse range of exciting career prospects in the data-driven business world. Our graduates are equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in a variety of professional roles within the field of business intelligence and analytics. While we highlight five key career paths below, it’s essential to recognize that the scope of opportunities extends far beyond these options:

    • Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret data to provide valuable insights for decision-making, helping organizations drive growth and efficiency.
    • Business Intelligence Developer: Design and implement BI solutions, transforming raw data into accessible and actionable information for businesses.
    • Data Scientist: Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to solve complex business challenges and predict future trends.
    • Digital Marketing Analyst: Apply data-driven insights to optimize marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and ROI.

    Hear straight from our Students

    Bhanu Pratap

    I am confident that the skills and knowledge I will gain through this program, combined with the support of Samatrix and IBM, will prepare me for a successful career in business intelligence and analytics. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of KR Mangalam University, and I strongly recommend this program to aspiring students who want to excel in the dynamic world of business analytics."


    KR Mangalam University's academic environment promotes holistic development. The university emphasises not only academic excellence but also extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded education. The campus infrastructure is cutting-edge, creating an ideal learning environment.

    Giriraj Singh

    The incorporation of IBM resources into our curriculum has been a game changer. Access to IBM's advanced analytics tools and platforms has given me a competitive advantage and allowed me to work on projects that simulate real-world scenarios. The ongoing assistance from IBM professionals has been critical in improving my technical proficiency and understanding of industry trends.

    Sanjay Singh

    The collaboration with Samatrix has provided access to cutting-edge technologies as well as real-world case studies. Exposure to their industry insights and best practices has enabled me to seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and application. The hands-on workshops and projects helped me hone my analytical skills and prepare for the fast-paced world of business intelligence.


    • Multi-disciplinary knowledge

      The Management programme is designed to develop the conceptual and practical skills of the students to select their professional career from a number of options available in the market. It delivers professional in Management- both Profit and Non-Profit Organization, industry openings in the stream of Marketing, Finance, IB, HR, IT, Operations, Business Analytics, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, PSUs and Civil Services etc.


    • Conceptual and practical skills

      The programme enables the students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required for organizing and carrying out entrepreneurial activities, to develop the ability to analyze and understand business situations in which entrepreneurs act and to master the knowledge necessary to plan entrepreneurial activities.


    • Employability

      The Management programme aims to develop students' intellectual pursuit of knowledge of various management methods and processes in every area of activity. So, the students can equip with knowledge, skills and attitude to become more employable for the present and emerging job market.


    • Complex Global Business Environment

      The Management Programme aims to develop students into leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today's complex global business environment.


    • Integrative Experience and Experimental Learning

      The programme provides integrative experience and experimental learning through the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge and analysing the impact of decisions and actions on various stakeholders.


    • Innovative Thinking for Effective Decision Making

      The Programme prepares students to demonstrate awareness about the economic, ecological, political, legal and regulatory aspects of global business practices. The students acquire strategic and innovative thinking skills to enable effective decision-making and problem-solving in complex and uncertain conditions.


    • Analytical Thinking

      The Programme aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and practical education. It seeks to develop students as analytical and rigorous thinkers so that they are able to apply the concepts learnt to all pertinent issues that affect an organization's performance and effectiveness.


    • Industry Exposure

      The Programme exposes students to the diverse area of application of knowledge in business firms and industrial organizations and enables them to gain practical knowledge in order to be globally competent.