BBA International Business

Navigating Global Business Frontiers


    BBA (International Business) programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of global business. With a focus on international markets, cultural sensitivity, and strategic thinking, this programme prepares students to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the global marketplace. Our experienced faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, and practical learning approach ensure that graduates are well-prepared for a successful career in international business.

    BBA International Business

    Programme Highlights

    • The curriculum is specifically designed in consultation with top business leaders
    • Advanced knowledge and insights straight from Industry experts
    • Regular Industry visits, conferences, and engagement in live-projects
    • Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center and Design Thinking Lab, designed to nurture innovative startup ideas
    • The programme strongly emphasises students developing entrepreneurial skills and business management expertise.
    • Attend Live Projects with multiple well-known companies for experiential learning
    • Enhance your understanding with advanced development courses on SQL, R, Python, Tableau and AI Prompt Training.
    • Attend specialized classes for GMAT, IELTS, GRE and TOEFL to prepare for admission to international universities.
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies.

    Transforming Aspirations into

    Global Achievements

    The BBA (International Business) curriculum is a comprehensive blend of core business subjects and specialized courses tailored to the demands of the global economy. Students will explore topics such as international marketing, cross-cultural management, global finance, and trade regulations. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, internships, and case studies, our programme equips students with practical insights and real-world experience, ensuring they are ready to excel in international business roles.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Management Thought and Applications
    • Business Application Of Economics
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Import Export Management
    • Minor-I
    • Office Management & Secretarial Practice
    • Value-Added Course
    • Human Behaviour At Work
    • Marketing For Contemporary Business
    • International Supply Chain & Logistics Management
    • Minor-II
    • MS Excel for Business
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Human Capital Management
    • International Banking & Business Laws
    • Minor-III
    • Critical and Design Thinking
    • Life Skills For Leaders-I
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Research Methodology For Business
    • International Buyer Behaviour
    • Minor-IV
    • Business Intelligence Tools
    • Life Skills For Leaders-II
    • Open Elective
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Strategic Orientation For Business
    • Business Statistics
    • International Marketing Logistics
    • Minor-V
    • Life Skills For Leaders-III
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Laws Governing Companies In India
    • Ethics, Values & Corporate Social Responsibility
    • International Trade Operations
    • Management of Technology & Innovation
    • Minor-VI

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    Graduates of our BBA (International Business) programme find themselves well-prepared to embark on successful careers in the global business arena. Our strong industry connections and collaborations with renowned organizations such as Ernst & Young, HDFC, HSBC, Citi Bank, Amazon, and Oracle ensure that our students have access to a wide array of placement opportunities. These associations provide a solid foundation for internships, networking, and potential employment, opening doors to exciting career prospects in the world of international business.

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    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our BBA (International Business) programme empowers students with the knowledge and skills to pursue diverse and rewarding career paths in the global business landscape. Here are five prominent career trajectories among the many options available:

    • International Business Consultant: As an international business consultant, you’ll offer expert advice to companies seeking to expand their operations globally. Your strategic insights will help businesses navigate cross-border challenges, optimize market entry strategies, and foster sustainable growth.
    • Global Marketing Manager: Take charge of global marketing campaigns, creating strategies to reach diverse audiences across the world. You’ll work on building brand presence, analyzing international market trends, and adapting marketing approaches for different regions.
    • International Trade Analyst: Become an expert in international trade regulations and practices. Analyze market trends, negotiate trade agreements, and ensure compliance with international trade laws, facilitating smooth cross-border transactions.
    • Supply Chain Manager: Oversee the efficient flow of goods and services across international borders. You’ll optimize supply chain operations, manage logistics, and enhance the competitiveness of businesses in the global marketplace.
    • International Financial Analyst: Work in multinational corporations, financial institutions, or investment firms to analyze global financial markets, assess investment opportunities, and manage international financial portfolios.

    Hear straight from our Students


    Students at KR Mangalam University develop a sense of community because of the institution's positive and encouraging atmosphere. Approachable faculty members and open lines of communication between students and teachers promote an environment that is conducive to learning and personal development.


    The university's emphasis on extracurricular activities and student clubs demonstrates its dedication to holistic development. In addition to widening my horizons, taking part in numerous gatherings, lectures, and workshops has improved my leadership and interpersonal abilities.

    Rishi Singh

    I'm writing to express my appreciation for KR Mangalam University's excellent Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business programme.


    My life has completely changed since I enrolled in the BBA (International Business) programme at KR Mangalam University. A complete understanding of international business concepts, strategies, and practices is provided by the curriculum, which has been painstakingly created. In addition to being highly skilled authorities in their disciplines, faculty members are passionate educators who support students' critical thinking.


    • Multi-disciplinary knowledge

      The Management programme is designed to develop the conceptual and practical skills of the students to select their professional career from a number of options available in the market. It delivers professional in Management- both Profit and NonProfit Organization, industry openings in the stream of Marketing, Finance, IB, HR, IT, Operations, Business Analytics, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, PSUs and Civil Services etc.


    • Conceptual and practical skills

      The programme enables the students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills required for organizing and carrying out entrepreneurial activities, to develop the ability of analyzing and understanding business situations in which entrepreneurs act and to master the knowledge necessary to plan entrepreneurial activities.


    • Employability

      The Management programme aims to develop students' intellectual pursuit of knowledge of various management methods and processes in every area of activity. So, the students can equip with knowledge, skills and attitude to become more employable for the present and emerging job market.


    • Multi-disciplinary knowledge

      The Management programme is designed to develop the conceptual and practical skills of the students to select their professional career from a number of options available in the market. It delivers professional in Management- both Profit and NonProfit Organization, industry openings in the stream of Marketing, Finance, IB, HR, IT, Operations, Business Analytics, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, PSUs and Civil Services etc.


    • Integrative Experience and Experimental Learning

      The programme provides integrative experience and experimental learning through the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge and analyzing the impact of decisions and actions on various stake holders.


    • Innovative thinking for Effective Decision Making

      The Programme prepares students to demonstrate awareness about the economic, ecological, political, legal and regulatory aspects of global business practices. The students acquire strategic and innovative thinking skills to enable effective decision making and problem solving in complex and uncertain condition.


    • Analytical Thinking

      The Programme aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and practical education. It seeks to develop students as analytical and rigorous thinkers so that they are able to apply the concepts learnt to all pertinent issues that affect an organization's performance and effectiveness.


    • Industry Exposure

      The Programme exposes students to the diverse area of application of knowledge in business firms and industrial organizations and enables them to gain the practical knowledge in order to be globally competent.


    • Team Building

      The programme prepared students to work effectively in a team based environment, persuade and influence others to work collectively for a common goal.


    • Blended Learning

      Throughout the management programme, students gain valuable insight and skills from class room, lectures, case studies, conferences, industrial visits and guest lectures delivered by industry professionals and leading academicians from across the world through various teachingmethods and platforms.