B.Com. (Hons. with Research) with academic support of NSE

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    In academic partnership with NSE Academy, our B.Com. (Hons. with Research) curriculum offers a transforming experience in the finance and commerce industry. This curriculum is specially created to satisfy the constantly changing needs of the global financial sector by fusing theoretical knowledge with practical insights. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of analytical and research abilities while providing a thorough understanding of fundamental commerce disciplines including accounting, economics, taxation, and auditing. It is supported by rigorous research and academic achievement.

    B.Com. (Hons. with Research) with academic support of NSE

    Programme Highlights

    • Academic Support of NSE aligns the curriculum with industry standards, offering current finance and commerce knowledge.
    • Students can earn NSE certificates, boosting their employability. They are trained in investments and financial markets.
    • Regular Industry visits, conferences, and engagement in live projects with multiple well-known companies
    • Students are trained on Nsmart software for understanding equity, and derivative markets on trading terminals for learning to trade.
    • Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center and Design Thinking Lab, designed to nurture innovative startup ideas
    • Through project-based theory, students delve into real-world finance scenarios.
    • Enhance your understanding with advanced development courses on SQL, R, Python, Tableau and AI Prompt Training.
    • After 4-year bachelor’s degree programme, the Master’s programme will be of one-year duration.
    • The programme focuses on research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
    • Attend specialized classes for GMAT, IELTS, GRE and TOEFL to prepare for admission to international universities.
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies.

    Unveiling Insights

    Crafting Solutions

    Our B.Com. (Hons. with Research) programme provides a thorough combination of theoretical knowledge and real-world application in the field of finance and commerce. It is made possible by the academic support of NSE Academy. Advanced accounting principles, company economics, corporate law, taxation, and auditing are just a few of the many topics covered in the programme. With a focus on research methodology, the curriculum incorporates in-depth studies of global business strategies, e-commerce, and financial management.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Management Thought and Applications
    • Contemporary Practices in Auditing
    • Banking Sector in India
    • Macro Economics in Financial Markets
    • Minor I
    • Office Management & Secretarial Practice
    • Value-Added Course
    • Analysing Cost for Managerial Decision Making
    • Advance Accounting
    • Discipline Specific Elective I
    • Minor II
    • Open Elective
    • MS Excel for Business
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Introduction to Financial Management and Financial Markets
    • Financial Planing and Wealth Management
    • Minor III
    • Open Elective
    • Life Skills for Leaders I
    • Critical and Design Thinking
    • Value-Added Course
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Research Methodology For Business
    • Discipline Specific Elective II
    • Minor IV
    • Open Elective
    • Life Skills for Leaders II
    • Business Intelligence Tools
    • Value-Added Course
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Understanding Direct Tax Framework
    • Cost Accounting
    • Discipline Specific Elective III
    • Minor V
    • Life Skills for Leaders III
    • Evaluation of Summer Internship
    • Laws Governing Companies In India
    • Goods and Service Tax
    • Risk Management
    • Discipline Specific Elective IV
    • Minor VI
    Semester 7
    Semester 8
    • Challenges of Business Environment
    • Statistical Software Lab
    • Cross Culture & Global Management
    • Minor VII
    • Minor VIII
    • Dissertation / Industrial Project

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At KRMU, our B.Com. (Hons. with Research) programme, backed by the academic expertise of NSE Academy, is a gateway to unparalleled career opportunities in the finance and commerce sector. We are proud to collaborate with a prestigious network of financial institutions, multinational corporations, and leading consultancies, ensuring our graduates have access to a wide range of career paths in the global marketplace. Our partners include renowned entities such as Ernst & Young India, Deloitte, and ICICI Bank, who are not just leaders in their respective fields but also active participants in our campus recruitment initiatives.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our B.Com. (Hons. with Research) programme, enriched with the academic expertise of NSE Academy, opens doors to a diverse range of lucrative career opportunities at the nexus of commerce, finance, and research. Graduates of this programme are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in various dynamic roles. Below are five prominent career paths for our graduates, among many other exciting possibilities:

    • Financial Analyst: Specializing in financial planning, analysis, and projection, graduates can help businesses and individuals make informed investment decisions, understand market trends, and assess financial risks.
    • Investment Strategist at NSE-Linked Firms: Leveraging the insights gained from NSE Academy, graduates can work with firms associated with the National Stock Exchange, developing strategies for investment and trading, and guiding clients on stock market dynamics.
    • Research Analyst in Commerce and Economics: Engage in in-depth research in fields of commerce and economics, providing valuable insights for policy-making, business strategy development, and economic forecasting.
    • Tax Consultant/Advisor: Utilize expertise in taxation laws and regulations to advise businesses and individuals on tax planning, compliance, and optimization strategies.

    Hear straight from our Students


    Choosing B.Com. (Hons. with Research) was a wise decision. Through a curriculum carefully designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical experience, I was able to fully grasp the dynamic world of trade. This programme stands out due to its one-of-a-kind collaboration with NSE Academy, a partnership that leads to higher levels of learning experience.

    Ajit Verma

    Incorporating NSE Academy's educational support into the curriculum has been a game changer. It not only aligns coursework with real-world financial scenarios, but it also teaches students practical skills necessary for success in a competitive business environment. Exposure to NSE industry experts and resources was invaluable, providing insight beyond textbooks and classroom lectures.

    Khushi Rawat

    The faculty at KRL Mangalam University stand out. I am able to shape my own educational journey because of their dedication to cultivating a culture of curiosity and critical thinking. A combination of experienced professors and industry professionals creates an environment where students are encouraged to explore, think, and apply their skills in novel ways.

    Kajal Sharma

    Aside from academics, KR Mangalam University prioritises extracurricular activities to ensure the holistic development of its students. There are numerous clubs, events, and workshops on campus that allow students to showcase their talents and hone their leadership skills.


    • Academic Expertise

      The programme is designed to enable students to exhibit knowledge of the discipline and conduct guided academic inquiries in various areas of interest in the chosen discipline.


    • Professional expertise

      The programme is developed to help students display professional expertise in the discipline and identify and create opportunities to launch innovative ventures for socio-economic development, thereby making students exhibit the ability to organise, manage and lead towards the accomplishment of goals and objectives.


    • Creative, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

      The programme synthesizes appropriate theories, principles and data for problem-solving, creating new knowledge in the discipline and making students apply critical thinking and research skills in finding viable solutions to business dilemmas.


    • Effective Communication

      The programme explains and presents ideas effectively in multi-dimensional domains and help students to demonstrate competencies for negotiation, conflict management and effective collaboration.


    • Social sensitivity

      The programme encourages students to participate actively in initiatives that encourage equity and growth for all. It enables students to act with an informed awareness of local, regional, national and global needs ensuring environmental sustainability and community development initiatives.


    • Professional & Moral Ethics

      The programme is developed to enable students to recognize and respect different value systems and makes students demonstrate high standards of academic and professional integrity. Students are encouraged to exhibit accountability and responsibility for moral implications of one’s decisions and actions.


    • Self-directed and Life-long Learning

      The programme helps students to identify career enhancement opportunities and engage in future academic endeavors by making them display the skills sets in pursuit of continuous learning and adapt to the changing professional and social needs.


    • The program aims to provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge in commerce and its various disciplines such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and business law.


    • The program aims to develop students' analytical and critical thinking skills.


    • Graduates should be able to effectively articulate their thoughts, ideas, and research findings in both written and oral forms, and adapt their communication style to different audiences.


    • The program aims to equip students with professional and entrepreneurial skills necessary for success in commerce and related fields.


    • Fundamental Knowledge

      To help students to acquire knowledge in the field of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Risk Management, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Corporate Law, Business Communications, Banking, Insurance and Finance.


    • Critical Thinking and Innovation

      To develop professional skills among students and build a strong foundation in accounts, Finance and Ethics which will benefit them as well as society.


    • Hands-on Experience

      To give students theoretical and handson experience in the banking and financial sector and enrich them with analytical skills to work with various financial tools.


    • Career Opportunities

      To facilitate students with opportunities to explore many career paths like investment and portfolio management, stock market, security analysis, mutual fund, and capital market.


    • Research Orientation

      To motivate students to further move towards research in the field of Commerce, Accounts and Finance.


    Financial Assistance

    K.R. Mangalam University partnered with the leading banks to help you to finance your dream course through Education Loan. You only have to start repaying one year after finishing your course or six months after you get a job.

    • Quick and Instant

    • Availability of the loan across the country

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    MBA Degree

    100% Sponsored MBA for Outstanding Undergraduates

    KRMU takes pride in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. To honor and encourage academic excellence, we offer a distinctive sponsorship scheme: Exceptional undergraduates have the opportunity to pursue an MBA at KRMU with 100% sponsorship. This initiative is our commitment to investing in the bright minds that have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements during their undergraduate studies.

    Embark on an MBA journey without financial constraints and unlock your full potential. At KRMU, we provide more than just an education; we offer a pathway to excellence and success in the business world. Seize this opportunity to transform your academic prowess into a thriving career.

    • The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at KRMU and needs to score more than 8.0 CGPA

    • The student must have 75% or more attendance during the whole course period

    • Students must clear all of the papers/exams across the tenure in the first attempt

    • The student should not have any disciplinary charges against him/her during the whole period of their undergraduate degree

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our B.Com. (Hons. with Research) programme stands out due to its unique blend of commerce education and hands-on research, bolstered by the academic support of NSE Academy. The programme is delivered by experienced faculty and leverages cutting-edge learning facilities. Our strong partnership with NSE Academy enriches the curriculum with real-world financial market insights, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for both professional and academic pursuits.

    Practical learning is a cornerstone of our programme. Students engage in hands-on activities such as live financial projects, internships with leading financial firms, and detailed research projects. This practical approach includes analysis of real-world financial data, developing investment strategies, and understanding market dynamics, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the financial world.

    To ensure the curriculum remains contemporary, we regularly update it to reflect the latest trends and practices in commerce and finance. Our collaboration with NSE Academy and other industry partners allows us to incorporate guest lectures, seminars, and workshops led by financial experts, offering students firsthand insights into current industry practices and developments.

    our programme includes opportunities for international exposure, such as study tours, student exchange programs, and collaborative projects with international universities. These experiences provide students with a global outlook on finance and commerce, essential in today’s interconnected world.

    Ethical practice is a fundamental aspect of our programme. We incorporate courses on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and governance, ensuring our students understand and value the importance of ethical practices in finance and business. This focus is designed to prepare our graduates to uphold high standards of integrity in their professional careers.

    Students in the B.Com. (Hons. with Research) programme have access to a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. These include finance clubs, investment workshops, guest lectures from industry leaders, and participation in national and international finance competitions. These activities not only enhance their academic learning but also provide vital networking opportunities and practical experience in the finance sector.

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    Commence Your Journey in 6 Simple Steps

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