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About School

School of Humanities, through its academic inputs, empowers the learners-scholars-professionals to systematically understand and reflect on social, political, cultural, economic structures and processes and hence endeavours to expand their professional vision. The school is committed to provide integrative pedagogical interface to learners so as to nurture them into complete and competent human beings. This school is a dynamic collaboration of faculty, staff, students, and supporters—a community that is as warm and collegial as it is distinguished.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate Programmes
  • B.A. English (Hons.)
  • B.A. Economics (Hons.)
  • B.A. Historical Studies (Hons.)
  • B.A. Psychology (Hons.)
  • B.A Chinese (Hons.)
  • B.A Digital Humanities (Hons.)
  • B.A. Programme
  • Post Graduate Programmes
  • M.A. (Economics)
  • M.A. (English)


    Orientation and registration Program for Ph.D. research scholars for the batch 2019-20 was organized on September 14, 2019 in Read More